Saturday, September 14, 2013

Obscure...Face 14 of 29

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Face 14 of 29:

"to obscure emotion was becoming a natural reflex; it helped sometimes not to feel at all"...paraphrase from
Truman Capote
I tore a page out of Other Voices, Other Rooms (by Truman Capote) early in the morning today...I couldn't sleep and at 3 in the morning, I finally just got up, figuring I might as well do something relatively constructive.  I didn't get my quiet time last night and BLARG!  I am really ready for quiet time.  I guess 3 AM art kind of qualifies, but I was extremely tired and mostly out of it (like a zombie...a sleepy, sleepy zombie), so it really doesn't...  

I used my faux gelatos on this girl, and it made me remember how much I like those things!  I should use them more often.  I was having trouble seeing the pencil marks on this book page last night, so I think my gal is a little wonky looking...but I do like the colors around her eyes.  The purple and pink and blue look pretty cool.  I stuck her into my Gregg journal with some scrapbook paper to differentiate the words on her page from the words on Gregg's page...and then, of course, some washi tape to stick it all together.

I've got to get working on a piece for a friend of mine from one of the Facebook groups I'm in.  She sent a piece of paper she made a background on, and I'm making something to go on the background and then I'll send it back to her.  I think all the ladies in this particular group are doing this, so when she gets all the pieces back, she's definitely going to have something very special!  I think I am the procrastinator of the group, so I've got to get a move on!  Well, really, I'm not a procrastinator...I just wanted to make the exact right thing for her background and it took me several days of staring at the beautiful background she had made before I could decide what I wanted to make.  But I finally picked, and now it's drawn and just needs colored in and then I can send it on it's merry way.  So I'm off to spritz my watercolors and get them ready for action.  <3

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