Friday, September 27, 2013

Envious or Miss Martian?...Face 27 of 29

29 faces

Face #27:

Pencil sketch...

I'm not sure whether this girl is green with envy or if I've been watching too many Young Justice reruns, and she's my interpretation of Miss Martian.  (Young Justice is a cartoon...Justice League...comic books...the nerdery never ends with me, I know...)  

Either way, I like her a lot.  I'm happy she's greenish and pinkish.  I used my shimmery watercolors (or faux Twinkling H2O's, if you prefer), which are watercolor with sparkles in them.  You can see the sparkly a little bit in the photo, but in real life, she's EXTREMELY shiny.  So that's pretty fun, I think...shimmer, not bling...(ugh...I hate the word 'bling').  

Just two more faces to go!  Can you believe it?!?  Two more faces and two more days until the surprise prize reveal!  The anticipation has been building for me, and hopefully for you guys too...  I am so excited!

Until tomorrow... 


  1. I think she is very lovely and has a very wistful look in her eyes. I also love her hair style & colour :D x

  2. Your faces are charming! I really like the easy line drawings that make them up, but they have great expressions. I also like how different they all are from each other.


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