Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fade to Black...Face 12 of 29

29 faces

Face 12 of 29!  Here she is:

They can't all be winners...she's not that bad, but she's not that good either...I know I can do better...I shall try, try again!

This girl was inspired by something I pinned on Pinterest forever ago that I really adore:

I don't know who made this face, the Pinterest link is just to the image, not to a website, so if anyone knows, I'd love to be able to credit the artist and to see more of their work!

I like the original very much...mine is meh...  I was just not that into it for her...  I was originally going to just do the hair in black acrylic and the face either left completely white or use my watercolors to paint acrylic skills tend to be minimal.  But instead I used the acrylics and painted her and I think that's why I feel so blase about my version.  Perhaps I will have to make a second attempt at her in the future sometime.

I'm keeping this post short...I had a rather crapola day today and I feel the need to go rip things and smash them onto a page and just have an angry freak out on some sort of throwaway I'm off to throw a temper tantrum.  

Don't forget: Please follow the blog (I'm not usually so moody, I swear!) and come back on the 29th for the glorious surprise giveaway!  <3


  1. Don't judge yourself so harshly ~ you face is wonderful! It is a unique and special adaptation born of the image that inspired you!

  2. I think she's lovely! We all have off days but I wouldn't have known it unless you said so. She turned out well I think with her cute hair and round little face :)

  3. She is very cute, Sweet Tea. So sorry you've had a bad day, carry on with the temper tantrum and hope you feel better when your done

  4. She is very cute, but looks a bit lost

  5. Cute as a button! Love the way the black hair and background seem to merge.

  6. How did I miss this one!?! I swear, I'm so far behind sometimes, I'm surprised I can find the light switch!
    She's very lovely Sweet! I think her eyes are sad, and that could reflect your crapola day, but I still think she's very lovely. :D *hugs*


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