Saturday, September 28, 2013

I See Me In You...Face 28 of 29

29 faces

Here's face# 28:

"She hoped he knew she was not being peevish, her mouth just hurt from dental work."
Thank you to my fantastic friend Anna for the interesting papers, the pad of 'Facsimile Transmittal Memo' sheets, and the ALL the other totally awesome things in the care package she sent.  I used to think I was good at packing things, but Anna's skill in filling every nook and cranny of the box is honestly a superhero level of skill...seriously, she must have been bitten by a radioactive Tetris game or something!  Thank you, my Anna!!!

When I first started drawing faces...way, way back when I was beginning art journaling...someone told me that a lot of people tend to make faces that look like them, autobiographical faces if you will, when they begin drawing.  I guess I was/am kind of odd, because my faces don't usually have that leaning.   Even the self-portraits I've attempted don't really look too much like me.  But when I was gluing today's face into Gregg, I realized that she resembles me a little the mouth anyway.  We've both got swollen cheeks and pursed lips...from dental work.

This girl is done in colored pencils, and I like how they look on the brown paper.  I also love the papers in the background that came in a care package from my friend Anna...they are just gorgeous!  Anna sent me an insanely stuffed box of things...I have goodies to use for the next 200 years, just from this box alone!  It was so much fun to open it and poor through all the fun stuff!  Thanks my sweet Anna!

So...tomorrow is the 29th!  That means just one more face!  That also means that it will finally, finally, FINALLY be time for the surprise prize giveaway!  So don't forget to come back tomorrow for the reveal!

Until tomorrow... (excited squeal!!!)  


  1. Fabulous page Sweet. I do hope your mouth is getting better by the hour *hugs* :0) x

  2. I have finished my 29 faces, so I now have some time to visit all the participants of the challenge :-) I've been looking at your portraits and they really made me smile. You have a wonderful talent of telling a story in your faces and a great collection of one liners to accompany them.
    Have a great sunday!
    xxx Marianne MW


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