Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mucha Inspired...Face 26 of 29

29 faces

Face 26 of 29 is inspired by Mucha:

One day to be colorized...just not today...
I first heard about/saw Mucha's work (you can read about him and see some of his work HERE) on "Antiques Roadshow" many years ago.  I really loved this style of art...Art Nouveau...right away.  Hence today's Mucha inspired face.  

Eventually I will color her in, but I went to the dentist yesterday and had three teeth pulled...for joy...which was a total surprise.  I thought I was done with extractions.  But clearly my teeth really do hate me and wanted to leave...and who am I to stop them.  So I am in no mood for coloring in this girl.  But I do love her very much, and eventually, she will be colorized.

Until tomorrow... 


  1. Sorry about the teeth thing! I seriously dislike the dentist. But your drawing is gorgeous and she will be a real beauty when coloured. Mucha was such an inspiring artist. I love his work and that style of art. Hope you finish it :)

  2. Very fancy sketch, she will be even more dandy when your finished! So sorry about your. Dental disaster...... I HATE dentists, so much!

  3. Lovely!! Can't wait to see her when you add color. I have really enjoyed Mucha work for a long time too.

  4. I shan't mention the D word cos they give me heebie jeebies **shudder**
    However, your gloriously beautiful lady is fantastico!! :D


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