Monday, September 23, 2013

Ink Blot...Face 23 of 29

29 faces

Here's face #23:

Swinging away...

For this girl, I was inspired by Michelle at Inspiration Everywhere (you can see Michelle's adorable ink blot girl HERE).  Michelle sprayed a spot of ink spray on her page and found a face in the ink.  I thought that was a really cool idea, so I tried the same thing using a Dylusions background I had already made.  

I saw this girl swinging away...don't know what that means in the world of Ink Blot tests and psychology, but there you have it...

Until tomorrow, my artistic accomplices...

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  1. That's a cool thing to do. I like to do something similar with watercolour paints. Blob them on and see what sort of face develops. Your swinging girl is really sweet. :)


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