Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ICAD 18 and...did I show you this already?

So two things to show you, that I made quite a while ago, but don't think I showed before.  They're in my scrappy pocket calender journal that I made.  If I shared these before, please forgive the repeat, I have tired brain...

Easy peasy wimpy drawing...I just was pretty happy with the lettering on this one...usually I hate my lettering, because of the 12-year-old boy handwriting, but I am ok with this one.  The lyrics are from the song below:

This is the song, by Fiona Apple, called Werewolf.  I think she has interesting lyrics and she did the artwork for the cover of the album, which I think is pretty cool! :

This is on the page opposite the one above, and Fiona Apple lyrics inspired this one too.  What can I say, I get off on tangents...

This is my actual handwriting.  Horrifying, I know...  I like the way the feet are crossed in this little sketch.

This is the song that the lyrics above are from (for the record, weirdest video ever, but I love it...it's like a big crazy dream within a dream thing...that's my take anyway) :

Also, I think that gal has an interesting face.  I will probably draw it one day...

And lastly, but not leastly, there is my ICAD card for today.

It's on a 3x5 and the prompt today was "Italy":

I did a drawing of  La Bocca della Verita, or 'the mouth of truth', which is in the church of Santa Maria
Cosmedin Rome, Italy.  I don't think this is the best sketch in the world, but the black eyes and mouth do make his look appropriately menacing, I think.

As soon as I saw the prompt for Italy, I thought of "Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.  It's my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, I do believe.  Anyway, one of the scenes that the movie is famous for is the scene with 'the mouth of truth' in it, and that's why I chose this to draw.  

Here's the scene:

Just an interesting tidbit, Audrey Hepburn was unaware of what Gregory Peck was going to do in this scene, so her reaction above is her actual reaction.  You just witnessed a young Audrey Hepburn freak the crap out...that thought is hilarious to me!


  1. Love the beachy journal page! I'm doing ICAD also and it's so much fun!

    1. Thank you! ICAD has been so awesome for meeting new people and seeing the amazing things everyone is doing! So much talent to be seen! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my artsy stuff! <3

  2. What a busy post! Love your journal pictures Sweet and your newest ICAD, but I mostly loved the movie clip. LOL< that is also one of my favourite movies, although I havn't seen it in an age. That clip is classic! :0)

    1. It was a busy one, wasn't it? My weird brain goes off on tangents...I'm all "look at this thing!" ..."Oh wait, look at that thing it's cool too!" I think I must be a very exhausting (or, at the very least, super confusing) person to talk to in real life! :)

      I love that movie too...it's definitely one of my top five favorite old movies! ...at the end, when she's getting interviewed by the reporters...*sigh* it makes me so sad...I want her to be able to stay with Gregory Peck. :( I know she can't, and it probably wouldn't be quite so romantic if she did, but I always secretly hope she will run away with him instead of returning and being the princess...in my brain, when she's an old lady, they meet up again and get to be together...


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