Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ICAD, Art Journal and Canvas Hooray!

First, a big thanks to everybody for helping me hit 3,000 page views!  You guys made me do the happy dance today!  It wasn't too long ago that I was doing the happy dance over 2,000...I am going to have to start thinking about some kind of giveaway for when I hit 5,'s going to creep up on me and I'll be unprepared if I'm not careful!  If anybody has any ideas on that, I'm open to suggestions...

So I got to do some artsy stuff today, and I'm super excited about it!  I'm always super excited, aren't I?  It's like I'm bipolar, but only ever visit the one pole, you know what I mean?  

Up first is my ICAD card, which I'm cheating on and doing two prompts in one card, because I messed up my order royally and now I'm just confused and scared!  Help!  Help!  

This card is 3x5 and the prompts were 'your name in block letters' and 'logo':

I think I failed at block letters...I don't think there are supposed to be curves in block letters...but I didn't research that first, and so I ended up with this.   I did get to use some of my FANTABULOUS Silks acrylic glazes to color it in...I am not one for glittery things usually, but EGADS! I love those things so much!  This whole week for ICAD is bound to be a do-over, because I just went cuckoo or something.  The 'logo' part is my stylized little red clover.  I've used it before, hit and miss, but I like it quite a lot and I think it will be my signature from now on, mostly because it keeps me from having to sign my name in my terrible 12-year-old boy handwriting...  (Who am I kidding?  Even 12-year-old boys have better handwriting than me!)

Next I did a page (or really a two-page spread) in one of my art journals:
This is not my usual thing...  The colors and the collage-y look are both out of the norm for me.  This was kind of an experiment page.  I used some muslin I had painted black (I painted the muslin forever ago, testing out some textile medium I had bought.)  On the right page, behind the stamped image (the one that is not torn) is the scrap piece of paper I used underneath the muslin when I painted it...isn't that a neat effect how the paint came through all randomly?  I think it's a pretty nifty pattern!  The stamped images were also me testing things out.  Same stamp, in different inks (some images then covered in perfect pearls) on pages from my old Spanish/English dictionary.  I colored some of the pages using alcohol inks as well to make them look more aged...they were already pretty old, but not quite as darkly antique colored as they are now.  The journaling says: "I think somewhere along the way I have been torn apart and I must spend the rest of my life piecing myself back together." 

And finally, the thing I am REALLY super excited about:
Woo Hoo!!!   My bird at sunrise painting!  He's on an 8x10 canvas.  I would just like to mention that I do NOT like working on canvases.  I know it's because I'm just not used to them, but ARG!  I much prefer my safe and easy watercolor paper!  ...but I will keep practicing on the canvases.   One day, I will probably look back at this post and say what a weenie I was for not liking to work on canvas.  As much as I disdained working on the canvas, I am so very, very happy with how the painting turned out!  And look, I even used my little red clover to sign it with!  Squeeee!  It makes me so happy!

I did the painting along with the completely awesome (and very nice) Marc Charles from Painting with Marc on YouTube.  Some darling amigas from one of the Facebook groups I am in suggested watching his first video (I made an ICAD card using what I learned in the can see the result in my last post).  Now, I am HOOKED!  

Here is the video for your viewing pleasure...and listening pleasure (I LOVE his accent!  *sigh*  It's just delicious, I swear I could listen to him read the dictionary!):

He does such a great job of teaching you how to do things!  I am enamored with him and his art and his style of teaching!  He kindly accepted a Facebook friending from me, and, let me just say, he is such a sweetie pie!  So go subscribe to his channel on YouTube and go friend him (and me, of course!) on Facebook and see just how wonderful he really is!  I think I am going to end up doing all of his tutorials, so be forewarned: You will be hearing about Marc again!

So those are my major accomplishments for the day...what did you get into?


  1. LOVE!!! The logo is fabulous, but I think when you sign with your logo, you should add SRC.
    The bird on branch is amazing!!!! Beautiful job on the bird, coloring and the branches!!!

    Now, to my most favorite part the two page spread. I only have 3 words...Lord Have Mercy!!! Ok wait, I do have 3 more... LOVE LOVE LOVE

    I think the contest for 5,000 should be a SRC original signed face. It is your true signature piece.

    Love you bunches, Pamikins

    1. Thanks so much, my Pamikins!

      I think I might do the logo on the front of the pieces and then sign my name and date it on the back...I am not sure yet, I have to think about it some more...

      Thanks for the encouragement on the art journal is out of my normal, so I wasn't sure about it...but if it has the Pamikins stamp of approval, I know it must be pretty good!

      That's a good idea for a giveaway! I will have to start working on a girl! <3

  2. Wow~sie again!!!! I so love all your work love your signature and quite agree with Pamikins, SRC would be a nice touch next to it. I love your painting. Is the bird a stencil? I've seen it in other's work and I love it! You amaze me Clover Sweet Girl! <3

    1. Thank you! I am still debating with myself, but I think I am going to do my logo on the front and then sign and date the backs of things...that way I can keep my handwriting low-key! I really need to practice my handwriting! I use it everyday, you think I would be better at it by now! :)

      The bird is not a stencil, I drew it free hand! I followed the tutorial on the video pretty exactly... I did the background, then painted in the branch, then took a pencil and sketched in the outline of the bird and once I was happy with the sketch, I went over it in paint! I feel really good that you thought it was a stencil though! That makes me think I must have done a pretty good job on it! :D

  3. Sweets, I tried several times to leave a comment from my iPad, but Blogger and Wordpress would not cooperate. So I will say it now: I really like your work a lot and I really, really like your narrative style. I wish my English was better, so I had more vocabulary for the things I want to talk about. I absolutely like your sense of humor. Thank you for many times you made me laugh, that is worth more than a million dollar (did I just say that?). Just stay the way you are!

    1. I am going to have to do something about my Blogger and Lynn have both said you've had issues with commenting! And I want to hear what you have to say!!!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I think you express yourself wonderfully! And you HAVE to know how much I really admire your art! You make what my brain wants me to make: beautiful pieces that have SO MUCH meaning and emotion in them! Your art just moves my heart so very deeply, and my heart is not easily moved! I'm so happy to get to be your friend! <3 <3 <3


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