Thursday, June 6, 2013

ICAD Day 6

Just a quick one today, I'm running behind and can't play hooky from work today sadly...

Today's prompt was "crown".

Here's the 3x5:

Marceline the vampire queen.  She's a charachter from a kid's show called "Adventure Time" that my nephew likes.  She eats shades of red, how cute is that?  I love cartoon art, and I think Marceline is just the bee's knees!

Here's the 4 x 6:

"Infamous angel come one home to someone who loves you and knows you needed to roam."
I was listening to the song below and it put this into my head.  I wanted to try a simple line drawing, and make myself NOT color it in.  This is the result...she may get colored in eventually...


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    1. Thanks Boo! I was informed by my nephew that Marceline wears pants and plays an ax guitar, and she doesn't wear a crown...he doesn't understand taking artistic licence at all! :) And here I thought he'd be super impressed...oh well, he keeps me humble...


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