Monday, June 10, 2013

Playing with dolls and ICAD 8, 9, and 10

One of the groups I'm in on Facebook is having a swap using a template from  You can find the template HERE, or go to Stampington's site, which has a bunch of other templates, tutorials and free projects to try...I'm definitely going to be visiting that site again soon!

So anyway, here's what I made with the template:

I used modeling paste for the hair, so it has some texture even though you can't see it.  The arm is articulated, thanks to the little paper fastener thingie.  The wing is Angelina film, which is iridescent, (although it doesn't come through well in the photo) and stamped with Stazon.  And paint (acrylic and watercolor), pen, scrapbook paper, and lace are the other ingredients.

I get to swap with my most favoritest Boo in the whole wide world!  I hope she likes it!

And then here's my ICAD's for the past couple days, all on 3x5 cards: 

June 8, the prompt was "city or map", and I did this with an XS Pitt Pen.  The line is from the Johnny Cash song "The Ballad of Barbara" below.

June 9, the prompt was "sun".  This is water soluble crayolas, gelatos, and watercolor.
And today, June 10, the prompt was "list of favorites".  I'm not a list person, so I just had to wing it.  The list is 'favorites today'.  And it says:
  1. This French Violet color paint (it's Valspar and the picture doesn't do it justice...the color is a really beautiful purply grey, and I like it quite a mom gave me the paint)
  2. Art jounaling...yeah, that's an every single day favorite, duh!  I haven't had much time in my art journals for the past few days and I am detoxing or something!  I hope I can get some time with them after work tonight!
  3. White space in journals...I do love the amazing layered backgrounds that are popular right now, but there's something about white space in journals that just does it for me!
  4. My new haircut...yeah, I said goodbye to a good 4-5 inches, and it feels SO much better...I swear to goodness, I could shave my head bald and I'd be so happy about it.  But sadly, I have a bulbous head and bald is just not going to be a good look for I settled for shorter than it was...
  5. Summer storms...the kind that leave it cooler than it was before the storm started anyway...I don't want any of that humidity crap afterwards!  
  6. Reusing file folders...I did the art doll above on a manilla file folder, and I have about 10,000 more file folders.  I am happy to be able to put them to use, even if it's just one at a time!
  7. Line drawings...  I love simple line drawings, even though I am always adding in detail on my own things.  A well done line drawing is HARD to do, (at least to me) but gorgeous!
  8. Chocolate milk...seriously, I could drink a bathtub full of chocolate milk and still not be sick of it...I have a problem...
  9. buckeye brownie cake!!!  I stopped at a diner yesterday because I just wanted to get out of the house and got a philly cheese steak and a piece of this cake...  Oh.My.Goodness.  I am not even a cake person, and this stuff made rainbows shoot out of my mouth!  It was SO delicious!
  10. Sad songs...I am currently listening to Trio, which is Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Rondstadt.  I love the songs on this album (and Trio 2, also gorgeous) was one of the first CDs I ever bought, and I wore it out.  Now I'm listening to it on Spotify, contemplating a quick Amazon purchace...   


  1. I love, love, love her!! She has wonderful boots and I can't wait to feel her hair and see her wings in person.

    I also really like the tree. It looks like it's getting ready to dance.

    1. Yay! I'm so happy you like her! This was a great challenge, and I'm happy I get to swap with you!

      I was pretty happy with the tree too...the little bird made my day...I didn't think he would come out right (because he's super small) and then he did! Huzzah!

  2. Love the Sun and tree card!!! I haven't started this week's prompts yet, just been winging it with my own things. :-)

    1. Thank you! I was happy with how the tree card came out too!

      I have been able to do the ICAD cards, but not much else...I'm having art journal detox now and it's driving me nutso! I am going to have to cheat and do a couple cards all in one day so I can spend some time in my art journals...I miss them!

  3. Oooh your doll is adorable. Textured hair and a drawn in face. You always think outside the box!

    The sun card is fabulous, love that little birdie. If you cover the limbs of the tree and just look at the trunk, you'll notice that the tree seems to have legs... very awesome. You are really getting the hang of the gelatos!!!

    Where in the world did you find a "Member's Only" jacket for the city card? If you did that from memory, I will scream!

    Please post a pic of the new haircut, I am really thinking it's time for a big cut again. (Every June, it seems, I get 8-10 inches cut off and love it.. then in like Aug I wish I hadn't cut it). Nice job as always! Hugs, Pamikins

    1. Yay! Thank you so much! The more I look at the doll's face, the more I think it looks like one of Cheryl's amazing faces...she's so good at profiles! (I am insanely jealous of her profile skills!) :)

      Oh my goodness! You are totally right about the tree having legs! I didn't see that at all! Now I wonder if I could do something like that on purpose...make some kind of tree nymph or something...this may have to be explored further... I love that you always notice the make me squeal with delight!

      You will have to scream now...totally a "Member's Only" jacket! That's are clearly my brain twin, because I don't think anybody else would have picked up on that but you! *sigh* are just my favorite person ever...

      I will definitely have to take a picture of the new do for you! Just not today...I am a hot mess...literally, because it's a thousand degrees here. I am a big fan of short hair (mine's been every length from buzz cut to long enough to sit on), usually I prefer short over long (because when my hair's long, I always manage to roll it up in the seat belt...seriously, like every day...I'm such a dork...) but this time I was a little sad to cut it...but I had damaged it a lot from the repeated bleaching, crazy color, bleaching, different color and it was looking kind of raggedy. Now I think I've got all the bad stuff lopped off and can let it grow again... But I do the same as you sometimes, cut it off and wish I hadn't and I am the worst for thinking "you know what would be awesome? If you got some bangs!" but they NEVER look good on me (you think I would learn)and I always end up pinning them back by the third day after the cut. I want them so bad though that I repeatedly chop them and then live in regret for months while they grow out. I swear, I just need to shave my head and wear wigs. That's my plan for when I'm an eccentric millionaire!


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