Friday, June 7, 2013


Another quick one today...

Today's theme's are "paisley" and the bonus them is "calligraphy".

I only did one card with the paisley theme, a 4x6:
I thought I would try to use stamps as hair, but I think I should have overlapped the stamps...maybe that would have been more hair-like in my eyes...  on the positive side, I do love these stamps (the biggest paisley one is my favorite stamp, because look at the's a red clover (at least in my eyes)!!!) and I use them so rarely it's a crime!  I used crayola 'super tips' markers to color most of it in...I do like how her bottom lip turned looks pretty good.  I chalk the rest of her up as a loss...or a lesson learned...

I did several cards with the calligraphy theme.  The first 3 are 4x6, the last one is 3x5:

Actual calligraphy...or at least as close as I can get...maybe it should be 'done with an actual calligraphy pen' instead...

Again, this was done with an actual calligraphy pen.  I like the 'L' in 'Look'... 'L' is my favorite letter to draw, because it's the only one that looks right to me...

These last two were done using the tutorial found HERE.  I like how they turned out so much that I should really start using this technique in my quotes in my art journal!

"Eyes tell lies."  I think I am going to add some stuff into this one...maybe color it in too.  I like that it's stretched across the page, dividing it into two separate spaces.  I think something interesting could be done with that...

And the only 3x5 in the group...  This is the card that made me think I should use the faux calligraphy in my art journals.  I like the 'S' in 'Sweet' and pretty much the whole of 'Clover', with the exception of the curlicue on the end of the 'r'...I don't care for it so much.


  1. Sweets, I love the paisley stamps, but I NEED the leaf stamp. WOW, there is so much detail in the first piece! I cannot believe you want to chalk her up as a loss.

    I love calligraphy and I think you did really good with them. The key is practice, you did feel much more comfortable by the final pic. The tute was short but great. Easy to understand. Hugs, Pamikins

    1. The leaf was in the same package as the big paisley, one of those dollar stamps you can get from Micheals. I think it's a neat one too! I am so, so guilty of buying stamps cause they're gorgeous and then never using them, only looking at them admiringly in the package! :)

  2. I like your calligraphy attempts! Great cards :)
    I love calligraphy very very much. Once in a while I get my pens out and just keep practicing... perhaps it's time again.

    I enjoy reading your blog, even if I don't comment very often. But I made something for you in mind... will post later today or tomorrow:)
    Cheers, Jana

    1. Thanks Jana! I love calligraphy too! I am not very good at it, because of my terrible 12-year-old boy handwriting, but I still like to try! I know that if I get my pens out, I better not have anything else planned because I will sit there and write and write and be awake til midnight because I don't want to stop!

      I'm so happy you like to read my blog! (I am doing the happy dance!) I can't wait to see what you made!


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