Saturday, June 15, 2013

ICAD June 15

Here are my ICAD cards for the day, the prompt was "Postage Stamp".

This one is 3x5: 

I saw the quote on Pinterest.  She's sepia-toned Micron 0.5 colored in 'faux'-latos.  The Guatemala thing is a rub-on I've had forever.

Here's the 4x6:

This is a stamp featuring  postage stamp size pictures, some of them even postage stamp related...I feel like it captured the essence of the prompt.  I embossed the stamped image and then used my watercolors to color it in.  My heat gun has been at my mom's house for quite a while, and I realized I missed it ever so much...I do not wish to be parted from this day forward.


  1. I like them both but the second one is really fabulous... love those little touches of colour...xx

  2. Thanks very much! I was happy I embossed the image, because those squares are teeny tiny, and I'm not the best at staying in the lines! The embossing was a nice way to cheat! :)


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