Thursday, December 25, 2014

Suck it up, Cookie!

So last night, I was in the middle of doing a whole lot of nothing...actually, I wanted to do some art stuff, but was in one of those moods where I couldn't pick what I wanted to do and didn't really have any great flashes of inspiration's because the studio is such a mess, I know it.

It's my own fault, because I jokingly mentioned my aversion to cleaning yesterday...which made my mind get stuck on just how messy it really is in my little studio room...and then I couldn't concentrate on anything else very well.  

So if I was perfectly honest, last night I was procrastinating at making art, which was my (as usual) attempt at procrastinating at cleaning, but the inspiration just wouldn't I ended up turning to my last resort...watching something on Netflix.

I'm not a huge TV watcher...every once in a while, I'll get stuck on a series and watch all the episodes back to back till I get through it all...but I had run out of my latest obsession ( was a crime mystery show that has David Tennant (of Dr. Who fame) in it) and so not even Netflix was being got so bad that I ended up doing a search for romantic movies, which is probably my least watched genre.

Anyway, I ended up watching this movie called "Dorfman In Love" (you can see the trailor for it HERE).  It was surprisingly good!  A cute story and it was visually interesting as well (and that's not a code word meaning good looking dudes...although there was that too...)!  I don't tend to recommend TV shows or movies, but I will say that I would totally watch this movie again.

And, best of all, I was inspired to do something artsy after I watched it:

"Suck it up, Cookie!"

There's a part in the movie where the main character asks her friend to do something for her and, instead of doing it, he tells her to suck it up and do it for herself.  (The 'do it for yourself' thing comes up a couple times actually.)

And the not-cropped version of the photo...
I did this girl on kraft paper and used a water soluble pencil and  my Neocolor II's...I decided to let the kraft paper be my skin tone and only added shading and highlights in certain I'm wondering if it looks like she has a five o'clock shadow or something...

The 'suck it up and do it' part of the movie stuck with me, and made me think a lot about the things I am currently trying to procrastinate my way out cleaning the studio...and how maybe I should just go ahead and do these never knows what might happen, right?  Maybe I'll find some inspiration while unmessing the mess!

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  1. If you would like a reality check about artist studios, then you need to stop by this post from Seth Apter and see how many artists (including myself) feel that their studios are an ungodly mess, but we continue to work in them anyway, even if the amount of space we work in is a mere 12"by12"!! Please check it out here: because you will also see how many of us ADMIRE the studios of others, but not our own =\ It was an interesting experiment and lesson I have learned - a REAL WORKING STUDIO shows that the artist is working in it!
    BTW: thanks for the film recommendation - I will check it out!


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