Friday, December 26, 2014

Dark And Mysterious

With the coming new year, I've been contemplating changes.

It seems like people spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating how things will be different in the new year.  We call them resolutions, but what they are is a promise to yourself that things will not stay the same as they have been.  Sometimes we keep them, sometimes we don't...but they always seem to get made.

I don't think I've ever been one for New Year's Resolutions...perhaps because I've always believed that if you want to change, you should start right away...don't wait for some arbitrary date, because you'll lose your steam, you'll talk yourself out of it.  If you want to change, jump in and change!

But sometimes spontaneous jumping is not the right answer.  I've come to realize that not every leap should be taken blindly...some things have to be planned and the execution of those plans may take a while to accomplish.  You have to be patient and create the circumstances you need.  That's what I'm doing right now...following a carefully created plan.

And it's BORING!

I'm not great at patience.  I'm a jumper.  This step-by-step program I'm working through is testing me for sure.

I decided a slight jump would be in order...just a teeny tiny little hop, really...but enough to keep me going for the long haul of my other plans.

So, two days ago (aka the day before xmas) I bought myself some hair dye and went to the dark side:

Sometimes the little things make all the difference, don't they?

Like I said, it's just a little thing, but for right now, it's holding my jumper side back, so I'll take it!

Plus, having black hair makes me feel a little (dare I say?) sexier.  My normal reddish brown always seems so 'girl next door'...but, whoa mama!  The black?  I feel like a va-va-voom Russian spy named Natasha who can learn all the secrets of the world with the bat of an eyelash...

I know it's silly, but the black hair makes me feel dark and mysterious...and, when it comes down to it, anything that makes us feel good about ourselves is important, right?

I commemorated my little hop with a page in one of my journals:

"She felt dark and mysterious..." can't see her hair, but this is Natasha, and you caught her right in the middle of batting her eyes at someone...which means she's about to get what she wants, you know?

Hopefully, this little change will be enough to tide me over until the bigger ones can start happening...if not, I'm going to have to find some unsuspecting victim and force hair dye on them...

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