Saturday, February 16, 2013


Here's my latest page, done and done:

I actually made this art journal (the book itself)...I'll have to post about that some time...


A couple things about this page...first, pink is NOT my favorite color.  I had done the girl before I did the background and given her pink eye shadow just for kicks...then when painting the body, I had a massive error involving ripping the paper (UGH!) on accident.  I was looking for something to cover that up, when I saw a card one of my coworkers gave me that had a similar coloring to what I had done on the eyes.  So I got out my watercolors and painted the background pink.  I cut up the card in manageable pieces and gave them a little bit of a wash (they were a little too pastel in the beginning) and glued away.  

Second, I am in the process of working on layering.  It's a skill that has eluded me for far too long.  In the past, it's always seemed like my ephemera was just sitting there on the page, not looking like a part of the page at all.  This is the first page I've done where I'm reasonably satisfied with the layering looking like it's part of the page and not an afterthought.

Third, the journaling bit in the lower left hand corner is a quote from a song by Mama Kin.  It says "Love was a cruel mistake."  The irony of it is that while I was writing the quote, I accidentally smeared the pen on the word mistake, so I scribbled it out and rewrote it it's one of my favorite parts of the hooray for some mistakes!  


  1. I recently smudged one of my pieces and thought I had ruined it. I put it aside for a bit and came back to it later with a way to change the direction and it it morphed into a new and better painting because of that mistake... Way to be flexible!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes awesome things come of mistakes! And sometimes, not so much...but as long as we learn from them, right? :)


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