Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gaudy Girl

Hey fabulous and glorious and magnificent people!  First I want to say thanks for all the kind words concerning my last post.  You all really brighten my life up in amazing ways...and I appreciate it so much!

I just want to share my entry to the Daisy Yellow "Gaudy" challenge (learn more HERE):

Yowza...that's pretty darn gaudy...

This was a fun challenge for me, especially considering the droopy way I've been feeling lately.  I needed a little pepping up, and I think this is definitely fun and peppy...and bright.

I used a much bigger brush than I'm used to on this page, and I had a good time with it!  I actually like how the hair turned out, so I may have to finesse it up a little bit and add the big-brush-hair to my regular rotation.  I also like the way some of the paint scraped started out as an accident, but then I thought it was kind of interesting looking, so I scraped off a little more in different places.

When I thought about gaudy, all I could think of was red and gold...for some reason, that color combo stuck in my head.  But when I went to use my gold paint (which is a hundred years old and a cheapie paint to begin with), it wouldn't show up on the then I thought about it some more and thought of a person with way too much make-up on...and this is what happened.  She is completely frightening...and I kinda like her for it!


  1. Love this alot! I brings back memories of Rocky Horror Picture Show... which makes me smile!
    - Pam Robinson

    1. Let's do the time warp again! She does have a Tim Curry/Frank N. Furter vibe going on... I told my sister she looked kind of like that drag queen "Divine"...our brains went to similar places for sure!


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