Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and the Countdown Begins

It's Mother's day, and officially a week until I reach the age where I am no longer trustworthy.  (Don't trust anyone over 30, man!)  ...Well, technically, I'll be 30, not over 30, so maybe I have another year of trustworthiness to look forward to...or maybe it ends when you hit 30 and 1 day...I don't know what the rules are...  

In regards to Mother's Day, I have a little something to show (and a little something I can't show yet...)  

First, what I can show.  I made a little something for my Work Mom.  Her name is Miss Lettie, and I adore her ever so much!  She is so good to me (way better than I deserve).  She always listens to me when I need to talk, she takes care of me, and she would kick the butts of anyone who did me wrong.  If that's not a mom, I don't know what is!  I always try to make her a little something special for Mother's Day, just so she knows I'm thinking of her and I appreciate her so much.  So here's what I made:

This is the envelope for the card (just a store bought card, nothing handmade...).  I always hate my hand-writing, but check out that sweet 'L'!  I am in love with it...I had to show it off!

Here's my little sketchy girl that I drew and water-colored.  I wanted something simple and sweet, and I am pretty happy with the results.  And Miss Lettie really liked it, and that's the most important part!
I just put her in a simple frame I had painted a soft white to go with the image better.  The frame was a very high gloss white when I started, so I sanded it down and repainted it.  It meshes with the simplicity of the drawing much better now, I think.
In the card I mentioned that the red parts of this drawing are the most important ones: a red headband to show I always think about her, red stockings because she puts the pep in my step and, of course a red heart because I love her very much!

I also made something for my regular mom.  Her name's Marian...she's not that regular, she's actually pretty awesome...I say regular mom to differentiate from my work mom, Miss Lettie.  I don't want to say actual mom, because they both fit that role in my head.  So work mom vs. regular wait, that sounds like their in a boxing match...  Ok...  Work mom is Miss Lettie, Birth mom is Marian.  There...that sounds better...  

Anyway, I made something for my Birth mom (Marian), but I can't share it yet, because I haven't given it to her yet and she reads the blog and, really, she should see it before anyone I'll have to share it later.

Mother's Day is always a little bit sad for me, because I know that, unless there's some substantial miracle that happens, I won't get to be a mom.  It gets me down sometimes.  

This year, though, I've been thinking about what constitutes a mom.  A mom isn't a mom just because she ruined her lady parts to bring you into the world!  There are a sad amount of women out there that prove this theory by being horrible and irresponsible parents.  There are also a large number of women out there who prove it in a positive way!  Miss Lettie, is my dear friend, and is also like a mom to me.  She listens to me when I need an ear.  She's always taking care of me in a million little ways.  She fusses at me when I say or do something out of line, because she wants me to be a good person.  She encourages me with all my crafty endeavors.  She lets me know that she's proud of me, too!  She makes me feel good about myself.  And all those things, to me, are a big part of what makes a real mom!

So this year, it's not so sad to me that I probably won't have kids of my own.  I can follow the examples of all the amazing women in my life who are helping to shape me (still, at almost 30!) into a good person.  I can try to be kind of woman for others.  So maybe, in the end, I do get to be a mom...and still keep my lady parts in tact...


  1. Your girl is darling. I like the E with the curly cue even better than the L.

    No kids for me either. You do get use to it. I promise.

  2. Thanks Boo! You always make me go back and look at things with a different eye. :)

    It's not always hard for me (the no kids thing), but sometimes it makes me sad. The truth is that it lets me be a little selfish; there is a lot of freedom in not having kids. I can do what I want to do, without having to worry about the consequences might be. I can be spontaneous and crazy without thinking of what kind of example I'm setting! They might be worth it, but there's no doubt that what life was before them, it's NOT the same afterwards!

    I think the mom vibe for me is closely linked/interchangeable with the good friend vibe. You always give me wise things to think about and let me know I'm not alone and you are dear to my heart because of it. That's a mom/good friend thing for sure! ...and your lady parts are still in tact! :)

  3. Dearest Sweets, this card is adorable. I agree with Boo, I also loved the curlicue behind the "e". You did a beautiful job, especially with the meanings behind each part of the card (the red stockings are my fave).

    Having 2-legged children is not the definition of a Mom. A Mom is anyone who gives love, affection, wisdom and attention to another. This could be anyone... their child or anothers, related or not, 2-legged or 4-legged. The definition of a Mom is pretty open.

    Because you have 4-legged babies and you give them love, affection, wisdom and attention you are their Mom. So sweetheart, Happy Mother's Day!!! With love from another Mother of 3 four-legged babies. Hugs, Pam

    1. Thanks Pam!
      I do have 4-legged babies (3 dogs and a cat)!
      Happy Mother's Day to you too! <3

  4. Oh Sweets I so agree with Pam and Boo...I too am the Mom of a four legged little feline named Kelex. She graces my world and I love and cherish her. I do not have any 2 legged children but like Boo says, you get used to it. I made a conscious decision, when I was married to not have children and it is a choice I have been content to live with. When I was your age people used to ask me when I was going to have babies and I told them I had chosen not to....when they responded in negative ways I always answered them with " I respect your choice to have children, all I ask in return is that you respect my right to choose to not have children"...that pretty much stopped the chatter right there. You are adorable and you are definitely a Mom, Sweets! Hugs from me. <3

    1. Thanks my sweet Cheryl! In the beginning, I, too, made a conscious choice not to have kids. Then a few years ago, I found out that I have a medical condition that makes having kids extremely unlikely for me. I was ok with it when it was my choice, because I could always change my mind. After that choice was taken away from me, it got a lot harder to deal with... I am pretty lucky, because I have nieces and nephews and that helps me to deal with it on days it gets very hard to handle. My little sister just had her first child, so I get to do some of the fun things about being a mom, and then hand him back when there are stinky diapers! It makes it easier...and like you and Pam said, I have 4-legged babies to take care of too! Giving you a big squishy hug back! <3


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