Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love the way you love me!

Woo!  Sorry I'm late on the posting!  I was so ready to blog on Sunday and share all the goodness that I received, but came home to find my internet wouldn't work!  It finally came back up this morning...otherwise I would be typing all this from my phone...which would take FOREVER as I have very poor phone typing skills...so hooray for working internet!

I'm so lucky to have met such amazing and creative ladies online, ones who I am proud to call my friends.  If it weren't for the internet, I would be a sad panda indeed.  

For example, my friend Boo.  Boo is one of the most insightful people I have had the privilege to get to know.  She always gives me something to think about, and what she says resonates with me in a special way.  When I talk about how I want to learn who I am and what I want, she always has the most helpful words!  I think that Boo and I are a similar path, she's just gotten farther than I have.  But I know she's ahead of me, encouraging me to keep going!  Her words of wisdom and understanding are just a small part of what makes her so very special to me.
Made for me by my friend Boo (who has a lovely blog you can find HERE)  I wish my phone would pick up the colors better, it is so bright and cheerful!  I just love it, especially the "b" and the "d"!  Thanks Boo for my beautiful card!  I love it very, very much!
And then there's my friend Pam.  Pam is funny and very kind.  I do believe she was my very first Facebook friend, and was also the one who introduced me to a whole new group of creative people.  She is so encouraging and always reminds me that, no matter what point I'm on in my life's journey, that there are people who care for me, just the way I am.  I love Pam because, despite my flaws, she makes me feel perfect.

The inside says: "NOBODY LOOKS THAT OLD!!!"  It made me laugh so hard!  And the look on the cow's face is just hilarious!  
Pam sent me a very unexpected care package!  The delicious looking paper on the right is an envelope that contained the seeds and the ATCs below.  I can't wait to use that glittery glue!
Four beautiful ATCs from Pam!  You may not know, but Amy is my alter-ego...you know, like Superman has Clark Kent (and Kal-El...yes, I am a dork, I know!)  Sweet Red Clover has Amy...it's just what the humans call me...
She also sent this beautiful handmade art journal!  I love it so much that I don't know if I can even use it!  It is so  very pretty!  I love the paper she used for the covers!  It is right up my alley.

There are a few quotes on the covers...this one is my favorite!  It sounds just like something Pam would say!  And check out that beaded flower!  Amazing!

Some of the pages have pockets, and there are bookmarks to use too!  Such a neat touch!  Don't you just love that bug paper?
Oh, the  ruffly lace!
A beaded bookmark that's attached to the journal and a sweet heart doily on one of the pages!  Pam even sent me a  cake and candle...a Pam-cake, which is her famous banana bread, which lived up to the hype and beyond!  Thank you Pam for my lovely surprise care package!

And then there's Rose.  Rose is a very talented lady from the mail art group I am a part of.  I love Rose's creativity!  She is very skilled at putting things together in ways I would never think of, and the end result is always so beautiful!  Rose might not know it, but I am sneakily learning from her fabulousness!  I am so happy to get to know Rose, in part, because her beautiful work inspires me to think outside the box.
The beautiful card that Rose sent me, along with an origami heart bookmark!  Isn't it super neat?  I love those colorful globes on the bookmark paper!  
My fabulous Rose original!  This ATC is so cool, it even has it's own ATC holder!  I love that image of the with the birds and the ladder!  The ATC is called "Curiosity" and it reminds me of a saying one of my teachers in grade school used to say: "Curiosity killed the cat, but super thinking brought it back!"  Thank you Rose for my awesome art!

I can't say enough good things about all the sweet, kind, encouraging people that I have gotten to know.  These ladies have made my life infinitely more fulfilling!  I just want to say a big thank you to all the ladies for letting me know they care.  I am over-whelmed with happiness!


  1. What a fun birthday!! Love the dragonfly paper.

    You are very special. I'm so glad I met you.

    1. It was the a very good day indeed!

      I'm glad too, Boo! You really do make me feel like I am headed in the right direction! <3

  2. I am so glad that you got your present in time for your birthday. The Junk journal was made with love especially for you. Journal in it, add pics, swipe some gesso on a page and draw a face... just use it!!! Isn't the sock monkey card adorable? I was worried about the card because after I mailed it, you started fretting about turning 30, even though, I knew you would know it was just a friendly slam. Hugs and Birthday spankings. Happy birthday!!! Love Pam

    1. I am too! My Pam-cake was DELISH...I would have been very sad to not get to eat it! I have to tell you this: my husband was like "DON'T EAT THAT, IT COULD BE LACED WITH ANTHRAX OR SOMETHING!" And I said: "It's from my Pam! If she wants me to die, then she's got a good reason!" And then I took a bite, pretended to choke for a minute and then (started to laugh and) screamed: "AT LEAST I'M DYING HAPPY!!!" He did not think it was as funny as I did!

      I will try to use the journal, but it will be hard...it's so pretty just how it is, I don't want to mess it up! I do love the sock monkey card! (I have a sock monkey...he's bright and stipey...I will have to take a picture of him so you can see him!)

      I kid you not, I almost peed my pants when I saw the card! It is SO funny! It's the perfect card for me, my sense of humor right on the nose! I LOVE IT!

      Thank you ma'am, may I have another...that's what you're supposed to say about the spankings right? :)

    2. Laughed so hard when I read your reply. I can imagine the horror in his voice, mine would have said the EXACT same words. The seeds are so that you can have birthday flowers all summer long. And yes Ma'am, you may have another!!! Hugs, Pam

  3. This post has made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy on this dark, grey morning. I'm sure Spring will arrive soon. Maybe in time to greet a luscious Summer huh.
    All your gifts are so lovely and so obviously chosen, created and sent with so much feeling. Glad to here you had a smashing birthday. Many Happy Belated Returns. ChEeRs!! To many more :0)

    1. That's just how I felt! Everything was a total surprise, and I just felt super loved! No day gets better than that! Thank you!

  4. What a lovely post Sweet Red! I know exactly what you mean about Boo...she brings me great comfort too and we are also on the same page with things we like to post etc. You really are one of a kind Sweet and I love reading your blogs! How special to be so spoilt on your birthday. You deserve it...you quite often cheer us up in the group with your comical comments. I love this group! :)

    1. Thanks Lynn! Boo is just the best, isn't she? ...all you ladies are! I used to feel so alone in my life. No one to really share my struggles or my triumphs. I don't feel that way anymore. You ladies let me know that someone out there really cares...I don't think, even if I talked about it for the rest of time, that words could ever express how grateful I am for having you all in my life. <3


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