Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Connect...But Do It Fast

I'm in a bit of a crunch for time this week...I am leaving the beach tomorrow for a long weekend (YAY!) and I still have to pack (and be at work on time)!  But I had to squeeze in a little post before I head out...

For DOCUMENTED LIFE (DLP) this week, the prompt is "Splatters and Drips", and here's what I came up with:

"Learn how to see.  Realize that everything connects to everything else." -Leonardo da Vinci

Can I just tell you that I am in love with this background?  I used Distress Stains for the drips and Dylusions for the splatters.  I love the way the colors reacted with each other...even the parts that turned to mud when the complimentary colors mixed!  I also like the contrast the grid pattern drips made with the wild splatters!  The girls were just some sketchy doodles I had done on leftover watercolor paper.  I think the quote fits the background too...I love it when things like that happen!

I also wanted to show you what I have for Journal 52 so far.  I'm not done with her, but I am so insanely proud of her that I had to share before I sneak off to the watery goodness that awaits!


She's got some rhyming words already picked out for her...I can't wait to finish her off when I get back!

I need to do more with the colorizing, I've only got the initial watercolor wash down, but I'm so thrilled about how the profile face turned out that I couldn't wait to show her off!  *arm breaks from patting self on back*  

I've been drawing faces for a good while now, but my attempts at faces in profile have always been...too bad to be blog-worthy.  Or even journal worthy...I usually gesso over them and do something entirely different.  But this girl...oh lawdy!  She will NOT be gesso covered!

As excited as I am to get away to the beach, I'm almost as excited to come back so that I can finish this girl!  ...almost...  Well, at least it will give me something to think about on the long drive home...

I'm off now, to get work over with...and then to head out on my beachy adventure!  I hope you'll have as awesome a weekend as I plan to!  If you find yourself in need of a break, I'll keep a spot under the umbrella saved for you!


  1. Cool! I like how your drips turned into a checkered pattern. I love drawing faces lately but I haven't drawn a profile yet so you've inspired me! Off to drip doe paint and draw a profile, have fun at the beach!

  2. Both challenges came out great, that profile is a keeper, and the colors look so nice, just the way they are! Have a great time at the beach, and I'll pretend I'm under your umbrella on Saturday

  3. Sweets, what a couple of beautiful pages. So proud of you (*starts patting your back to give your arm a rest!*) . Have a fabulous time at the beach and don't think about us. Just relax, have fun, and soak in the sites for use on future pages. HUGS, Pamikins!!!


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