Friday, September 19, 2014

And There She Is..

We can all breathe a little more easily...apparently I have not been body snatched just JOURNAL 52 (J52) page for this week has a face, words, and zero fussy's back to my normal style for this one:

"You speak to me with words and I look at you with feelings."

The prompt for J52 this week was "Newspaper", and my friend Pamikins saved my bacon again this week, as she had sent me the piece of Chinese (I think...) newspaper that's in the background.  That's two goodies from Pamikins in my art in one week!  I must be thinking about her! :)

This prompt/page made me think about how I feel about the news, whether it's a newspaper or a news cast on TV...  which is I don't like it.  Here's my problem with the news in general: They show you a story about how 500 people died in some horrific way and then immediately follow that with a story about cute puppies...  News media is set up in a way that makes you not have to feel too bad that those 500 people died.  They give you information about something sad and frightening and then give you a feel good story to make you forget the terrible thing they told you mere minutes before.  The thing is, or how I think anyway, you should feel sad/angry/scared about things that are sad/enraging/frightening...but they take that away.

People want to point the finger at video games or violence in movies, but, in my opinion, nothing is more desensitizing than the news.  Which is why I never watch the news and the only parts of the newspaper I look at are the comics, the puzzles and Dear Abby...and the only reason I like Dear Abby is because it makes me think of this song by John Prine:

I know that really bad things happen in the world all the time, and I don't want people to constantly walk around scared and depressed and angry...but I do think that these are normal and healthy reactions to have...and I think that news media has taken away a big portion of people's sympathy/empathy and left us with a  FLATTENED AFFECT.  There has to be some kind of middle ground where you can still be empathetic but not be constantly afraid or sad...and if the news media can ever figure out where that middle ground is, then maybe I'll  start picking up the paper or watching it on TV.

In the meantime, I'll just continue doing what's worked for me thus far: recognizing that the world is a scary, depressing, and infuriating place most of the time and doing what little bit I can to make it better in whatever way I can, even if all I'm able to do is listen to a person with empathy in my heart.


  1. Love the turned up nose on your face. As for the news.. I don't watch either. I, too, believe it's good for use to feel all our feelings.

  2. Well just knock on wood. You are what you are and you ain't what you ain't don't read the paper, if it's not you thang! Love your girl and you!😊

  3. Sweets, your girl is adorable. I don't think that I have ever seen a side view girl from you, but she turned out awesome. He little up-turned nose is great!

    The newspaper is a nice touch. Oh yeah, the newspaper is Mandarin and I got it from a local oriental restaurant. While waiting for my food to be cooked, I asked the guy if I could look at the paper while I waited. He gave me the look and said "you don't speak Mandarin". When I said I just wanted to look at it, he seemed irked. But when I left with my togo food, I asked if I could keep a page to do some art with. He seemed shocked, but gave me some anyways. Someday I need to bring in some art that I used his paper. Glad that I could be on the blog two times in one week.

    As for the Dear Abby song, I tried... really tried, but I only last 55 seconds. I turned it off just after "You is what you is and you ain't what you ain't". Have I mentioned how much country gets on my nerves??? Love you and Hugs, Pamikins!!!


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