Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Such a Card - Rubber Dance Stamp Color Challenge

I may have turned over a new leaf...a new autumn leaf...

Bibi over at RUBBER DANCE ART STAMPS is hosting a monthly color challenge!  You know I'm a sucker for a challenge...and, to add even more excitement, she's giving away a grab bag of her beautiful stamps for the winner of the challenge!  So much fun!  The two conditions are to use stamps and the colors of the month.

This month's colors are classic autumn colors (you can read more about it HERE and enter the challenge yourself!).  Fall is my absolute, hands down favorite season, and the colors of fall really got me excited to play.

I am a guilty stamp hoarder, so I was extra happy to have a reason to pull out my stamps and sift through to find some autumnal goodness!

Going one step further from my comfort zone, I even decided to try my hand at making a card!  I have to thank my friend Boo for inspiring me to try.  She's the best!

Here's what I made:

Ooh...I'm so proud!

I used THIS tutorial to make my card.  The instructions were very clear and she gave the sizes for the paper cuts so that I didn't have to guess!

I've tried making cards before (a LONG time ago) and the results could only be called epic failure.  This time I'm really happy with the way my card turned out!  I'm giddy with pride!

Now that I made one card, I have this insane urge to go crazy and make a gazillion more!  Which could be a good thing considering the huge assortment of scrapbook paper I have.  Plus I'd use my stamps more...and I have embossing powder...and flocking...and...OhMyGoodness, I think I've lost whatever is left of my mind to the card-making muse!

Another bonus...I'll have to do something with the cards...so my mail art friends will have proof that I have not forgotten them!  

I'm going to go now...and make more cards supper like a responsible adult...and then more cards...

Who am I kidding...no one's eating supper in this house tonight... :)


  1. What a wonderful fun post. I can't believe that was your first card.. You picked a very complicated one to start with... SRC... overachiever... makes fantastic card!!!

  2. Sweets, this is a beautiful card. I would be delighted to see you win. Oh yes, you still have my address, right?? Hugs, Pamikins

  3. Beautiful card, Sweet!! I'm so glad you took the challenge and I look forward to seeing more stampies from you. It is very addictive .... (I've been doing it for 3 decades and there's no stopping me!!)

  4. What a fab technique - thanks for sharing the how to! My brain was getting a bit frazzled thinking about how you achieved all those lovely layers! Great card. Thanks for joining us in this brand new challenge.

  5. This card is fabulous!! Seriously, I love it! Fall is my favorite season, too!!

  6. A lovely card Sweets - although I am a bit concerned about you and your family are going to starve to death, if this card making goes on. Love these frames - cool idea.

  7. Very beautiful! Thanks so much for joining our first challenge at Rubber Dance Stamps!


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