Sunday, December 8, 2013


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Sorry for the grainy photo...I think it's the light from the window that made my phone's camera refuse to cooperate...

You can see that the Butler and I clearly didn't get around to cleaning the studio yesterday...FOR SHAME!

Despite the fact that this desk is 'L' shaped, therefore I should have lots of work surface, the other part gets the brunt of my artistic fury by catching all of the sundry bits and I end up doing the actual drawing/painting/gluing/spraying in that little spot in front of my keyboard.  Which is how I always end up having colorful sleeves and arms.  But, for the most part, it works for me.  One day I'll figure out a system for keeping things neat and tidy...but it hasn't happened yet...

Friday was my anniversary (10 years married...crazy) but we both had to work and so we didn't celebrate till yesterday.  We went out to eat and then to shop for pants for me...that was my present.

On the positive side, I got some new pants...on the opposite side, after ten years, I was kind of hoping for a little more than some pants.  Oh well, I did need pants...and I'm not surprised, because my husband is a notoriously bad gift giver.  One year I got a used washing machine.  I wish I was joking.  This is the same year I got him a Playstation 3 (when they first came out) and a bunch of games and extra crap that goes with it.  I had saved since the first time he mentioned the thing was coming out and was so happy to give it to him!  He loved it (of course) and then I got my fabulous used washing machine.  We did need a washing machine...but that's really not what I was hoping for on my anniversary...  The hubs just got the Playstation 4 and accoutrements...what do I get?  Three pairs of jeans...  This is a disturbing trend.  Next year, I think I'll give him some dented cans of corn and see what happens...

I might make some cookies today...and then eat all of them...but there's also some rum sitting on the shelf that needs some attention.  Maybe I'll hit the rum first and then make cookies all tipsy like.  Who knows, this might be the most entertaining way there is to make cookies.  I probably won't do either of those things, but they do both sound like winners in the current moment.  I'll let you know what happens...


  1. Your space is so artsy and craftsy, I love it! And yes, bake those cookies.

  2. That looks better than my desk ;)

    I have started giving my husband gift lists. I even published mine online for him to be able to pull-up easily. He is a practical gift-giver - he doesn't want gifts to be frivolous. So I always include a description of *why* I need it - why it's practical. And I give him a ton of choices so I'm surprised when I get it. It works for us.

    ...and if you need permission, just so you know, I added bourbon cream to my coffee and we have now moved on to Sunday bloody marys. I say hit the rum and make the cookies ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary! As for men and gifts...most of them haven't a clue!! ;)

  4. I wish I had space for a huge L-desk. Oh the things it would collect... ;)
    Rum and cookies? Perfect Sunday afternoon to me.

  5. Oh man, those are not anniversary gifts. I feel your pain! Listen, you need try a different tactic for next time - like some serious hint dropping, maybe? Or just plain come out and say what you want. Maybe it's just that he has no clue and would appreciate not having to figure it out? Men. But still, Happy Anniversary!! Nice desk and the space seems to be well used and for good purposes.

  6. I say drink the rum, make the cookies and as you bite into the last one meander in to wherever mr. Is planted and announce, the cookies were delicious, and after drinking all the rum, I'm thinking more clearly. Next year we buy our own
    Gifts! In fact this Christmas I have selected__________(whatever it is you want!) for Christmas and I'm so excited!!! THIS WILL BE MY BEST YEAR " EVER ! " 😳😳😳😳

  7. Happy Anniversary, but yeah, ack, those aren't really the most rockin' gifties, aye?! What about an Amazon Wishlist kind of thing? I totally keep one -- on my Hawk's own Amazon account even, so he doesn't have to look for it -- he can just look at his own wishlist and find stuff. I keep adding things like a handpress, a wireO binder, stuff for my holga camera :) Not a practical thing at all! Well, I suppose you could call it practical since I'm an artist professionally, but you know, it ain't a washing machine! :) Here's hoping you made yumalicious cookies, had a blast doing it, and enjoyed every last bit and crumb of tell us what kind! <3


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