Friday, December 27, 2013

Things of Beauty and Intrigue

I've got a quick page to show you today...

She reminds me of Forest Whitaker...hehehe...  Despite her ptosis (aka lazy eye), I like her quite a lot...especially that head-wrap thing she's got going on...I was inspired by the scrapbook paper (glued at top) for the color scheme, and I'm really happy with how that came together as well.

The lyrics on the page are from "Ugly" by Cold (I love these guys so much...):

I've been on a roll with cleaning and doing laundry and mundane household things since early this morning...I was taking care of business...with speed and agility.  Usually I use my speed and agility to run away from housework, but today I was a responsible adult and did the boring stuff.  Now I'm off to eat midnight Taco Bell as a reward for all my hard work today...

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