Monday, November 4, 2013

Jane Girls

October was a bit of a bust for me, I must admit...  My creativity flew out the window to some warmer procrastinating parts over-took me...there were several downright frowny face days...days I just felt BLAH for no reason...or for no reason I want to fess up to...  Gross.

But now October is over, and I don't particularly want to spend November on the same path.  I therefore turn my back on this year's October and all it's crappy ways, and I won't dwell on it anymore.  So long stupid jerk-tober!

There are a few exceptions to the majority crapfest that was October for me.  I did get a little bit of art done, despite my muse's vacation.  I already shared some of it...not my usual style, that I guess somebody else's muse must have been visiting me that day.  But I do like it.

I am also almost done with my reciprocation care package for my friend Anna.  I won't share it until I am sure she's gotten it, but it won't be long now...just icing the cake at this point...

And one of the really good things that happened in October was that Cloth Paper Scissors had a sale on a lot of their online classes...and I got two.  I got one of Joanne Sharpe's Artful Lettering, which I need to look at more in depth so I can apply it...however, I really liked one of the ideas on the video and used it in the spread below.  And, the other one I got is Jane Davenport's The Whimsical Face, which made me super happy.  I really like Jane's style of faces, and this video is such a nice intro to faces in her style.  Whether you're not comfortable drawing faces yet, or you just want to try a different style of face (like me), this video is AWESOME!  Full disclosure, I got the videos for $5 each (because of the super sale), and I feel like this video would have been worth it even at full price.  Although, at full price, which is $30, I wouldn't have gotten it, because I am on spending lock-down, so I would never have known how awesome it is...but it's definitely nice to have in the arsenal of craftiness now that I do!  

This is my 3/4 face that I did along with the video:

...I think this girl is wearing a scrunchie...don't judge her too harshly...

I really appreciated Jane's instruction on how to achieve a decent looking 3/4 face...she made it really easy to understand and accomplish!  I find this gal's ear to be a bit weird (it just looks unfinished to me...also, like an elf ear...), and I'm not a fan of her hair or shirt...but the face is pretty happy-making!

One of the things I really found useful in the video (possibly my favorite tip) was that she encourages you do draw with colored pencils instead of graphite ones...among other reasons, because you can't erase colored pencil, so you don't get too fussy with your stays loose.  I like that, because I am an over-eraser if nothing this way makes me a little less of a, you can see the sketch lines in places.  I love seeing that in other people's work, so anything that helps me get them in mine is aces in my book!

This is a two page spread I did using the front facing portion (which encompasses the majority) of the video, and I also used one of Joanne Sharpe's techniques from her video for the lettering:

"And it bothers me that I care."

Close up of the left page:

There is a lot of stuff going on in the background, which I don't know that the camera picks up very well...specifically, that the background is sparkly...  Also, I was using my industrial strength heat gun to dry the paint...and it started to bubble...which I found to be super cool, so I purposefully heat-bubbled the entire background...I probably have paint fume poisoning now, but the resulting bubbles light up my life...

And here's the right page close up:

I am happy with this gals hair!  If you've read the blog for a while now, you know that hair almost always eludes me...but I really like what's going on with this gal's luscious locks!  And I love the color of her it egotistical to swoon over something you've done?  I'm swooning for the color, and technically, I didn't make the color, I just picked can we say no...I don't want to come off all snooty! 

On a side note, now that I've taken this class of Jane's, I am really wanting to take another one of her classes, Express Yourself, which is about drawing emotions...I REALLY want to take this class!  I am saving my pennies as we speak...hehehe.

In regards to the above spread, "And it bothers me that I care", the mushy brain stuff overflows.  It's probably due in part to crap-tober, but then again, maybe crap-tober was due to the mushy brain stuff coming up...the circle of pessimism.  You get two points if you just tried to sing "circle of pessimism" to that song from the Lion King...

I saw something the other day that kind of hit a raw nerve with me.  "In love, there is always one who kisses and one who offers the cheek."  It's supposed to be a French proverb.  I don't know if this is what it's supposed to mean, but when I read it, I immediately thought it meant 'there's always one person who loves more'.  And I think that 99.9% of the time, that's a true least it seems that way in my life.  And it's a frustrating truth.

On one hand, the downside.  You give and give and rarely get anything in return. Not that you give with the idea of receiving, but if love were equal, both people would have the other person's interests at heart.  But it's not equal.  So if your thinking only of the other person...and they're thinking of themselves don't ever get your needs met.  And everyone deserves to receive the things they need.  It's hard enough to put yourself out there...and then to not have any kind of reaction to your effort, it hurts.  I'm tired of that kind of pain.  It makes me feel like nothing.  And I am not nothing.  I am a pretty decent person, as a matter of fact!

I said to someone once that all I wanted was to be appreciated.  And that hasn't changed.  I try hard to be a good person, to help people if I can, to be kind.  I try extremely hard to be the kind of person who is there for other people when they need me.  I don't think there are a great many people out in the world who honestly care about others, but I fight to be someone who does.  Because people deserve to have someone to care about them...all people do.  I just stop and question whether I have someone who does that for me in my daily life.  And even if I don't, I doubt that's the thing that bothers me.  That part I can deal with.  I just wonder if anyone notices that I truly care.  Does it matter?  Does anyone see it?  Has anyone ever said to themselves 'she doesn't have to be that way, but she is'?  I don't want glory or praise or whatever...I just want...acknowledgement, I know that I matter to know that I make the hard parts a little bit easier for someone.  I feel lucky enough to have people in the online art community who make me feel...seen...who make me feel missed when I'm not around.  That's a really nice feeling.  I just kind of wish I had more of that in my daily life sometimes.

The other side of that whole loving more thing, is how can it be bad?  Why should I feel sad that I'm willing to extend myself for others, even if they don't notice?  It's not hurting anything, is it?  Would I be able to look at myself in the mirror if I stopped putting myself out there?  (No, I wouldn't...I've was an epic fail.)  The world can be a hard place, so if I can soften the edges by sending out good things, why should I question the worth of that goodness?  It's as much as I can do, and that's all that you can ask of yourself.  It's enough to do the good we can do as individuals.  It's enough.

So, point of the spread, is that it bothers me that I care whether anyone notices my effort.  I feel like a whiny, self-involved jerk about the whole thing.  But it's how I feel.  I can't...or I won't anymore...just dismiss that feeling.  I am learning that it's important to accept how I feel, the good and the mushy.  I need to understand why I feel the way I do, instead of trying to repress/cover over/lie to myself/etc.  I've learned that if I just cover things over, they just rise to the surface again...usually in a more ugly and hateful way than the first time around.

If I can understand why I feel like I do, then I can move forward. I can say "Self, I see why you feel that way...but have you thought about it like this?"  ...I guess I can reason with myself.  Sometimes I can work out an answer.  Sometimes, I can't.  But just the fact that I see and accept my feelings has been helping me to feel better about what goes on in my's personal acknowledgement, I suppose.  I see myself.  Even if no one else does, I can finally see myself.  And that's a powerful thing.  And it's not a skill I've always possessed, so now that I am learning to do it, I feel so good about it!  I still have pity parties...we will call them most of last month...but being able to find my way out of it, that's priceless to me.

I know that I must not be the only person out there who feels this way...the world is a huge place and there's only so many feelings to go around.  So, I hope if you are feeling unnoticed, under-appreciated, or unloved, you will be able to see that, even if they never say it, there are people who notice you, there are people who appreciate what you do, and that there are people who love you.  But it's my sincere wish that, when you really need it, someone will whisper those good things in your ear and that you will believe them when they do.


  1. She (the first girl) has an expression and something in her lips that reminds me of the 'We Can Do It' war poster woman!

    1. Yay! I love that! I drew her (Rosie the Riveter from the posters) for real one time...I will try to find a picture of that drawing... You are right about it, I think so too...maybe she looks determined? :)

  2. Sweets, the first girl is so beautiful, I agree that her ear has a very Elf-Like feel to it. Her eyes, though are so mysterious and wonderful.

    The second girl is so flippin amazing that I cannot contain my love for her. Her eyes are so pretty, but those lips are SEXY as all get-out!!! The background is so rich and lovely. Must ask about the lettering, did you cut it out of patterned paper, or painted paper, or did you do by hand on the canvas? LOVE!!!!

    I have many days where I feel like you are today. I sometimes feel underappreciated and just wish someone would notice anything, even a small thing. Love you bunches and sending warm fuzzy hugs, Pamikins!

    1. Thanks my Pamikins! I really gotta fix that ear! It's killing me! :)

      Thanks for gal #2 love! She loves you too! You are right, the lettering is cut out of patterned scrapbook paper and then I went around some of the edges with Black Magic ink (using a paintbrush! Be amazed that there isn't accidental ink all over the page!!! haha)

      Oh my Pamikins, I just want you to know that I appreciate you! I love that you notice the small makes me know that you REALLY LOOK! I think you have eyeballs that savor life, and it makes me feel special when you notice something little I do in my work. And even better than that, I feel like you are a great connector of people, you bring us together ( I know you did in my case and I can't be the only one!) and you keep us together like friendship glue! That takes a very special person to be the tie that binds! I might not say it at the right time, but I'll always feel that way! <3<3 <3

  3. You make me smile you make me tear up, you are very sweet and special! You have a wonderful gift of humor and openness which is admirable. I have missed reading you blog and seeing your art, hearing about you dog and all the thoughts that run through that crazy good mind of yours! I love Jan Davenport too. Your faces definitely have her style, love them both. I took her express yourself class, she's great. I'd like to do one of Joanne Sharpes classes sometime, she's so talented. Know that you are loved and appreciated😍

    1. Jackie my honey, thank you so much for your good words! <3 You made my day so much better! (Sorry I made you get misty eyed! You can throat punch me if you need too...that's the agreement I have with my little sister...if one of us makes the other one cry, the teary eyed one gets to throat punch the other one! haha...but that really is our agreement!) It makes me feel really good to know that you missed me and my crazy banter! I needed to hear that! <3

      I really would love to take the Express Yourself class! I think I would like to take Joanne Sharpe's (I think) newest's called something like Draw Your Wonderful Life...something like that, I can't remember... I might wait for her book to come out next year and get that...The Cloth Paper Scissors class is ok...I'm happy I got it on sale...I really love her work, but this class was just so-so for me. Maybe I need to look at it more...Don't tell her I said that though, because I do love her work and I don't want to hurt her feelings!!! But I do think that new class would be a good one though.

  4. Wow, I really should proof read, this is so why I don't blog, that and because I have no clue how to. Back to my boo boos. That was reading " your blog" not "you" blog, which clearly makes no sense! And I know Janes name is NOTJan? Going to get off line for tonight! 😊

    1. Hehehe...I love you! I do the same thing! I get fast fingers when I type...but I knew exactly what you meant! :)

      The hard part about the blog is that when I do proof read it, I've just written it, so instead of reading exactly what I have on the page, I tend to read what I THOUGHT I wrote the first time around...There have been times I've gone back a couple weeks afterward and read over what I wrote and found some things that made absolutely no sense! But luckily for me, everybody must understand my language of incorrect wording...or else are just too nice to pick on me about it! :)

      I think you should try out a blog Jackie! I promise it is not hard (trust me, if I can do it, anyone can!) I think you could be a famous blogger someday! Your work is gorgeous and I think you would definitely be able to sell your work/prints of your work with no problem! Plus, I know you have smart, kind and funny things to say! If you do decide to go for it, I would be your first and most ardent follower!!! :) <3 <3 <3


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