Monday, November 25, 2013

Nona's Grandson...aka The Swedish Chef

As promised, I have done a picture of the 'grandson' of Strega Nona from yesterday.

Here's my Swedish Chef...despite the fact that I've realized he is Italian, I'm still going to call him the Swedish's my party, I can be contradictory if I want to (haha): 

Isn't he magnificent?  He's so fantastic that I actually have two of him!  I bought the first one a couple years ago, and my little sister saw another a few weeks later and got him for me because I loved the original so much!  You would think I have a thing for utensil holders, but really I just love the weirdness aspect...  He usually sits on my art desk and holds scissors...but I gave him a short vacation while I sketched.  Now it's back to work for him!

Here's my drawing of the Swedish Chef:

In my head, he has no utensil holes...neither did Strega Nona if you noticed...I think he has all the supplies for Nona to make spaghetti...even bread to go along with it.  I'm not entirely sure what the purplish red things in the front of the basket are...if you notice, that's the only thing that's actually in the basket of the utensil holder...I'm going to call them rutabagas...just because I like the word rutabaga...

And for those of you who have never seen the Swedish Chef, here he is, in all his glory:

Just for the record, watching this as an adult, I'm starting to think this is a little racist?  I don't know...I need the opinion of a Swedish person...  My husband is Norwegian, which is close, but no cigar...egads...that sounds racist too...  It's just a cavalcade of unintentional possible racism here today...  Now I feel horrible...

I'm gonna go ponder the idea of a beloved childhood friend potentially being a sack of stereotypes and cry into some Cocoa Pebbles...unless their secretly racist too...  My whole life has been a lie...


  1. He is sooooo cute!!!

    1. Thanks Boo!!! I love him (the utensil holder) very much...I hope that shows in my painting. :)

  2. He is just Adorable. I guess if the Swedish Chef is Strega Nona's grandson, then he is half Swedish and half Italian. The video is not racist, it's just plain humorous. Children aren't born knowing racism, they do, however know what is funny. The fact that he throws food, drops meatballs, and is very creative with his recipes... that's what children are laughing at. Not the accent, but the "over-the-top"ness. Since you have done a SS character here, I would really love to challenge you to draw my fave SS character, Animal the drummer. Hugs, Pamikins

    1. Thanks Pamikins! I took care of your other is deleted...I have done the exact same thing before!

      I do love the Swedish Chef...I can't help it...when he smashes the rubber chicken to get it on the sandwich...hehehe... I agree about kids learning racism, they are definitely not born knowing it. I was half kidding, but you know somebody out there in this pc world would have a problem with him for real...I do wonder what Swedish people think of the Swedish Chef...

      Have you seen the drawing of Animal I did for the Doodle-A- Day? I will tag you in it...

  3. Oh I always loved him - RÖMPÖMPÖMPÖM!

  4. He is wonderful, I like him without his handy holes, in your painting. However he is very useful by holding your scissors!


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