Sunday, April 7, 2013

Singing in the rain...a couple times, plus a magazine collage and a new to me watercolor technique

One of the lovely groups I am in on Facebook had a suggested theme of 'Singing in the Rain'.  This theme must have struck a chord with me (unintended musical pun...bwa-ha-ha), because I could not stop with one page...I did far...

First page, is watercolor in the background areas.  Then, using tinted modeling past, I did the girl, her umbrella, and the black thing to the right...which I am undecided as to what it is (originally going to be a bench, but it doesn't look very bench-like), but I like it there, so I left it alone.

Next, I did this girl.  She's watercolor and gouache.  I like her hair and her rain coat.  I used a dry brush dipped in watercolor and flicked it over the page to give the impression of multiple raindrops...because I discovered that I find making raindrops kind of tedious...or I am lazy...but let's go with raindrops are tedious...

And this is my third page with the 'Singing in the Rain' theme.  I saw the zentangle-looking clouds on Pinterest, and thought how perfect it was for the theme.  I used an ultra fine blue sharpie and watercolor for this page.  The journaling is mine, and it says "It's a lonely song, but I keep on singing."

I had so much fun with my previous magazine collage thingie (inspired by Teesha Moore's work) that I decided to do another...  The journaling (my words...but you can use them if you want, cause we're friends like that) says "One day, these teeny tiny wings will fly me away."

And finally, here is a watercolor fish I did using a new to me technique.  My sister sent me a link to a video (you can watch the video HERE) from Lian Quan Zhen, who is an awesome artist, and seems like he'd be so fun to take a class from!  His bio is also very interesting.  My fish painting was done using the first technique on the video.  I had so much fun doing it, and will be working to get better at doing this style of watercolor.

That's all I've got...what have you been up to?


  1. Sweets... once again, beautiful work!
    Hugs, Pam

  2. Thanks Pam! I miss you too! (I saw your FB comment that you missed me, but now I can't find it to respond there!)


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