Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Extreme Brightness

Here's a page for one of the Facebook groups I'm in...the prompts were neon, stickers, money.  In an odd turn of events, I have very few stickers...  This realization was very disturbing to me!  When did I become the kind of adult that can buy stickers at will and yet has NO STICKERS???  I am going to have to work on that...an adult with no stickers...I feel like a monster!!!  My nine year old self is shaking her head in disgust at me!

This picture does not accurately portray the EXTREME brightness of this page...

Aside from my limited sticker collection, I had a hard time with this page...the neon is NOT a comfortable color choice for me.  I like color...but oh...oh, so very bright!  I have to admit that as I flip past this page in my journal in search of a blank one, I stop and admire the background quite a bit...  It turns out I must like those frighteningly bright colors after all.  It makes me wonder why I don't use them a little more often...and it makes me afraid that I'm becoming a boring adult!  No stickers, no crazy colors...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?  

In searching out something to use for the money part of the prompt, I kept coming across these insightful quotes about money...but I couldn't do it!  My funky stickers were mocking me and my grown-up quotes...so then I had to search jokes about money instead...and I think I agree with the raccoon in the apron... "Ugh...that's so corny."  but it works well for my animal related stickers and the brightness of the neons...so STOP JUDGING ME RACCOON!!!  

I had a stroke of brilliance and a stop at the local dollar store (to get stickers) so that I can do another page for this theme.  I don't care for this page very much, and I want another shot at doing these prompts.  Where were you over the weekend inspiration?  Taking a vacation or something?  Get back to work!

Sometimes I think it's kind of refreshing to do a page that you just don't like...it's visual motivation for me... I feel like I can do better, and I know it can't be worse than that hideousness!  This is not the first bad page I've made, nor will it be the last sadly...but it feels freeing to get the ugly out of the way and move on to making better pages.

I wonder if the other ladies in my group had as hard of a time on this week's prompts as I did...probably not, they are creative and amazing and resourceful...and they probably had better stickers... 


  1. It is so empowering to try new stuff. I think this is adorable and I agree with the raccoon. But I do disagree with Jarod, it would be heaven to have a dog pound and get tons of puppy kisses! Hugs, Pam

  2. It would be fun to own an animal shelter most days, wouldn't it? And the raccoon is right, totally cornballs joke! :D

  3. Now I'm thinking about stickers and whether I have any ... do alphabet stickers count? Yesterday at my mixed media portrait class, there was also a discussion about stickers, whether the teacher had any, whether we could get one...the teacher thought that she had forgotten her stickers at home but it turned out that she had some with her after all. I got a monkey sticker! Anyway, there seem to be many kinds of stickers ... stickers. Great page, Sweet! Thanks!

    1. Alphabet stickers definitely count! I like stickers, so I don't know why the amount of stickers I actually own doesn't accurately convey the love I really feel for them! I will be working to resolve this problem!

  4. Love that quote. Too funny.
    I'm impressed you went out of your comfort zone.

    1. It had to be a funny one! Those stickers could not be linked to a serious quote, it would never have worked out at all! :)

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