Monday, January 19, 2015

Put a Lid on It

The prompt for this week's JOURNAL 52 spread is: "Create a page inspired by a conversation you've had or overheard in the past week or so."

Can I just say how much I love this prompt!  I plan on having a go at becoming a really good listener from now on...then I'll have a whole journal full of funny things I've heard in conversations...I live among southerners, and their crazy expressions would be enough hilarious fodder to fill several journals easily!

I figured to be fair about it, I would make my first 'overheard conversation' page about my own crazy's only ok to laugh at others if you can laugh at yourself in the same way, right?  Don't dish it out if you can't take it!  (Puns...hehehe)

"And they'll all have matching lids..."

The conversation that I chose to document was me talking to a friend of mine at work about my dream to someday own a set of Rubbermaid/Tupperware containers.

I didn't realize exactly how silly the whole conversation was until I saw the look on my friend's face...and then I recognized the crazy person look that was probably on my face...

I am loving my Neocolor II's lately!  They are so bright and pigmented and awesome!!!

The reason I'm obsessed with this is because I can never find a stupid container with a lid that fits it anywhere in the house.  I think, after the sock monster that lives in the dryer, the lid monster is the number one danger to household management...

It's really bad when you start thinking that your dirty brush water is a pretty color, isn't it?

The problem lies in the fact that, aside from not having lids, the containers I have are still perfectly I can't throw them away, right?  *says the crazy harder*  And then cupboard space is at a minimum, so there's no room for new Rubbermaid if I don't throw the old stuff out!

Do you see the conundrum I'm in?

I love these colors...I could just squeal with delight!

I actually think this problem stems from not being used to having extra moolah...the whole don't toss it if you can use it thing...which is a perfectly good way to be.  Except for now that I have a little extra least enough for a new set of Rubbermaid containers...I find that I'm having a hard time letting go of the lidless wonders that have carried me through to this though these inanimate objects were my dear friends...and now you see why my work friend (who is a real person, not a Rubbermaid container, just for the record) was looking at me like a maniacal weirdo...and why I had to make a page about this conversation (except I drew some vintage Pyrex instead of Rubbermaid, because, frankly, Rubbermaid is not as cute.)

 Someday, I will have microwaved my lidless Rubbermaid containers into oblivion and I will get my new set with their fancy matching lids...

So maybe the moral of the story is that it's just as well to have small dreams as it is to have big ones...because, one day, my dream will come true and, after all, how many people can honestly say that?

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