Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

Happy arbitrary marking of the passing of time day!  Hehehe...just kidding/being a weirdo...

My friend Twinkletoes left a comment saying she looked forward to "a fresh page that is 2015", and so I made this little guy in my journal today, just for her:

"Hello 2015!"

I drew the little sheep/goat with THIS TUTORIAL, which is fantastic and SUPER easy to follow.  The man that made this video tutorial also has several other video tutorials teaching you how to draw characters starting out with letters or numbers as the base of your drawing!  It's easy enough that a kid could do it, but for an adult that wants to learn, I think it's such an adorable place to start!  It makes me wonder what I could create out of my imagination using letters and numbers!  Anything that sparks our creative brains is an awesome thing, isn't it!?!

  This cutie was drawn using the number 4...can you see it?  (Hint: It's backwards...)  

I'm still amazed at the clean desk's stinking awesome!

I colored in the page using a mix of watercolor pencils and Dylusions.  Those Dylusions pull double duty...they're great for spraying, and even better for using with a brush (in my opinion).  You can water them down A LOT and still have vibrant colors...I used the tiniest speck mixed with a whole gob of water for the colors today.

He's on the page opposite of my 2014 horsey...they are friends...

I'm looking forward to seeing how my art evolves in 2015.  Maybe I'll set my face obsession on the back-burner for a while and start a new animal obsession!  Maybe I'll finally start practicing my lettering like I've been threatening!  Maybe I'll lean away from busy pages and veer towards simple line drawings instead!  Who knows?!?

It's a new year!  The sky's the limit and the world's our oyster!

Here's hoping we all enjoy the adventure into the unknown that is 2015!


  1. Sweets, they are both adorable. I love the idea of the number 4 as the base of your goat. Have a Happy New Year!!! Hugs, Pamikins

  2. These are both so excellent and your number 4 goat is a perfect start for 2015. They are stubborn after all, and I hope you will stubbornly continue to build on your expanding skills and keep drawing and stretching your artistic self. I will try to do the same and hope to keep improving throughout the year. Wishing you an art-filled, happy & healthy year ahead (hugs) xx

  3. Happy Belated New Year to you Sweet Red Clover! I've loved your posts leading up to the end of 2014 and I wish for you much Creative Joy and growth in 2015! Looking forward to seeing your journal art in the year ahead =)


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