Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More From The Farm

I've been caught up in a wave of domesticated animals!

There's been a horse, a goat, a chicken and now this guy:

I must find animals very moving...  Get it?  MOO-ving?  Hehe! *groan!*

I used this cow as the main reference for mine:

Bet you can't touch your nose with your tongue!
You can also see him on my Pinterest board called "For Your Reference".

I went with a non-hairy version for my cow though.  

Originally, mine was going to be very hairy also, but then I didn't gesso the paper that I used to paint him on.  I used Neocolor II's to paint with for the most part and they move really nicely over gesso.  Not as much movement happens when there's direct to paper contact...which was disappointing, but did lead to a less hairy, but still cute little brown cow...

The little cow is on the first page of my Documented Life (DLP) journal...the opposite side of the paper as the chicken.  I wanted both pages of the chicken spread to be on the same kind of substrate, and so I had to put the chicken on what will actually be the second and third pages...  This meant that the first page in the journal was blank, and so I decided to try my hand at a cute cow and here we are!

Completely out of character for me, I've also started working on the cover for 2015's DLP journal...which means I'm very naughty indeed, because I haven't yet done my 2014 covers for DLP or J52!  For shame!!!

Usually I wait until the end of the journal to decorate my cover...that way I won't mess up what I've done on the cover when I'm working in the rest of the book.  

BUT, since I deconstructed my DLP book for this year, that won't be an issue.  It's actually the opposite problem this time, because if I wait till the end of the year to do this cover, I'll risk messing up the inner pages!

So I'm taking away ALL risk involved and working on the cover for this year right now and then I can start the 52 week process of reconstructing my DLP journal!

I should have the cover done in the next day or two, so be on the look-out for that...AND then, I need to finish my 2014 Journal 52 cover (and decide if I really want to leave the 2014 DLP cover as is...)  And I haven't forgotten about the two wrap-ups I owe you either!

As soon as I'm done with this cover (which is so stinking adorable, I can't wait to show you!!!), I will jump on those wrap-ups, I promise!  

The other animals in the barnyard will just have to wait! 

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