Sunday, January 25, 2015

In Our Own Way

My sweet friend JACKIE (AKA MY HONEY) nominated me to participate in a little challenge, where you share pictures of some of your older art.

This has proven to be a little difficult for me, because I've only been sincerely arting it up for a few years...and shared 99.9% of my art here on the you've probably already seen it!

And then I wondered if I've ever shown the canvases I did in the past...and I think the answer is no, so here you go:

I copied this mermaid from something I saw on long ago I have no idea who's work it was, so I apologize!  I was really pleased over how she turned out at the I see all kinds of things I coulda/shoulda/woulda done differently.  I guess it just goes to show that I've gotten to be a better artist over time!
This girl is the same way...all the stuff I learned between then and now is calling my name!  I do still enjoy her hair (which is scrapbook paper!) and I still find her mouth to be saucy and happy-making!  Also, I just noticed that dry erase board underneath the canvas says November...I just looked over at actually says November 2012...clearly I don't use that dry erase board as much as I once thought I would...
The background on this one was my favorite...and the sentiment is one that I stick by too!  I used alcohol inks to make the background on all these canvases and this one looked like plaid to me and made me very happy!

All three of these canvases are hanging on the wall in my studio...they remind me of how far I've come in my art!  Even my lettering skills have improved since then, despite the fact that I've not really practiced it like I claimed I would (and keep claiming!)...this must support my theory that any kind of art practice improves your art over I may not have been practicing lettering, but I was fiendishly practicing other things and better lettering was a happy byproduct!

Before taking up art/art journaling, I was creative in other ways.

Like sewing:

Made for my nephew Michael, from a Simplicity pattern.

Made up my own pattern for her!

Made from a pattern from a book called Wee Wonderfuls, which is a FANTASTIC book on soft toy making!  

I also embroidered:

Elephant, from a pattern

From my imagination


Actually, I crocheted A LOT...this was from a pattern from LUCY AT one point, crochet was like art journaling is for me now and I was quite the little busy hooker! (haha)

And I did dabble in painting as well...just not the journaling kind:

He's a magnet...he still makes me laugh every time I look at him!

And this is Stanley, my Mom's "gentleman caller"...also hilarious, in my opinion...

I was thinking about all my past arting and crafting as I worked on this week's JOURNAL 52 spread.  (The prompt is "Silhouettes".)

I decided to use some of my MANY stamps that I never use...

While I've not always been an art journaler, I have always been a creative person.  My sister and I used to joke that I was "a craft acquiring junkie"...if I saw it and liked it, I had to try it...HAD TO.

I love those little stamp cute!  I went over the stamp lines in black marker to darken them and to give them a more 'drawn''s a great way to cheat if you're not good at drawing, plus tracing things will help your hand get the feel of drawing, which will help you be a better sounds crazy, but it's true!

Now I think I must have just been searching for the right thing for me.  Don't get me wrong,  I do tend to love all things creative...and there was a time that I thought making soft toys was my passion and that crochet was my one true talent...but when I started art journaling...OH BABY!  It's a whole different kettle of fish!

"We must all be beautiful in our own way."

But that doesn't mean those years spent on other creative endeavors were wasted...or that sewing or knitting or jewelry making or writing or any other creative act is any less artistic.  It only means that we can define art in many ways...and that they are equally valid and important.

When I look at my beginning art stuff, I cringe a little, because I can see so many flaws.  But, while I do see those glaring flaws in my work, I can say that those works are still beautiful in their own way. All those flaws led me to become better.  In a couple more years, I will look at my current work and hopefully be able to say that it too is flawed but led me to improve even further.  

Sometimes the beauty in our art is not in the outward appearance of it.  Sometimes the beauty comes from a hidden meaning only we know.  Sometimes it comes from the years of hard work it represents.  And sometimes it comes from the fact that we were brave enough to try something new.

So my spread today is meant to encourage myself (and hopefully you too!) to find the beauty in everything around me, especially when it's not readily evident.  


  1. So much beautiful art! I am in LOVE with the mermaid and I want to cuddle the green elephant!!!

  2. So happy that you took the challenge my Sweet tea! I learned so much new stuff about you. Love all your early work! The mermaid, the crocheting and your mothers gentleman friend are among my favorites! We have a lot of past crafting in common, I crouched, knitted ( a little) made dolls and bears, painted and fired ceramics. I think creative people can always find thing to peek their interest ! ❤️

  3. Oh Sweets, I love the mermaid so much. Her hair is divine. Speaking of hair, I love the hair on the Nov Girl too, The idea of using your crafting supplies in new and different ways always makes me smile. I too love to buy and buy and not use my favorites. That is one of my goals this year, to try to use my stash, rather than run out and buy more. Your sewing skills are great... the rag doll is just adorable. I am quite impressed that the rag doll and the floral needlework are both your own designs. Beautiful. I laughed out loud when I saw the magnet guy. Why? Because I have been pinning several photos of Freddie Mercury for a page in my DLP. When I saw your magnet guy... I thought it was him. Who knows??? You could always add a microphone in his hand and call him a Rock Star! Hugs, sweetheart! Pamikins

  4. Love this post of previous work since I am pretty new here and those Asian girl stamps are ADORABLE!! Almost tempted to ask for some stamped blanks so I can color them in and mail them back to you, like I once did for a blog buddy who hosted a fun 'coloring faces' challenge. That was a FUN project =)
    As a fellow 'creative beast', it is always fun to see the other creative skills my fellow beasts dabble in, like your sweet rag dolly! I'd be tempted to ask for that pattern to make one for my studio...if I didn't already have a few rag dolls and other sewn mascots in the studio! ;)

  5. You are a lady of many many talents!! Your early work was wonderful, but I understand what you mean about looking back and seeing how much better one is than was. I find the same myself. I cringe at some of the things I created a couple of years ago. but remind myself I wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't taken those first tentative steps. And of course I think a lot of credit must go to people in blogland that I have 'met' along the way who have encouraged and supported me and been fabulous cheerleaders all along my journey. I know I would have given up many times were it not for you, them and all others who have taken the time to be there.
    Keep Calm and Carry on!!! :D :D :D


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