Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Still Falling

The prompt for DOCUMENTED LIFE (DLP) this week was "Incorporate Leaves Onto Your Page In A Creative Way" and here's what I came up with:


Has October went by at a ridiculous rate of speed to anyone else?  I feel like we should be two days in, three tops, and here it is the 29th already?  What is up with that???

Fall always goes by too fast for me anyway...but this year, it's apparently jet fueled...

"How happy I am to have fall in my life."

I suppose I should just enjoy it while I can...the leaves have been very colorful so far this year, especially in comparison to the last 3 or 4 years...a bit of a muck fest they were...

But this year, they are not disappointing me!  I've been enjoying them quite a bit on my evening/after work walks with my friend Gayle.  Today's the first day we missed walking since we started last week...because grocery shopping had to be done...and it makes me sad that this weekend with end our walks because of the time change.  We can deal with pitch black at the end, but not starting off in it!  Hopefully we will be able to find an indoor place to meander about...if not, it's already been promised that we'll start back up in the spring!  

I don't want to stop walking; it's been really awesome to have something to do after work besides just going home, so I've got a bit of a pouty face happening at the moment!  I've even started to wonder how much it would cost to join a gym that's somewhere convenient to us...a scary idea, let me just say, as I've always considered myself forcefully opposed to exercise in all it's my view of myself is being called into question!  FREAKY!

"I'm in the middle and I can't stop loving you." -Nancy Wilson

I have to say, the colors on this spread are not my usual fare...I was noticing it more and more as I've been typing...I can't decide if I like it or if they look mucky...perhaps they are that grunge thing that I've seen other people do... Grunge sounds much better than muck, as it has some good musical connotations...  So I'm going with grunge...

Speaking of good music, the lyrics on the page above are from this song that I stumbled on this morning before work:

Just adorable, right?  I think I must have the weirdest taste in music ever...because I like so many things and they're all at such opposite ends of the spectrum.  I know so many people who claim to 'love everything' and then follow it up with "except this, this and that..." and they're naming off entire genres of music...  I always want to say, "Oh, so you don't like everything then?"  But it would probably be rude and so I can't say it...  There are songs I don't like and certain singers I'm not a fan of, but I can't categorically wipe out an entire music genre!  That would be pure insanity!

At any rate, I'm happy to have crossed paths with Miss Nancy this morning, who could possibly have been related to me, because my maiden name was Wilson...and I don't know a lot of my relatives, so there's a possibility in there somewhere, right?  

Well, now I'm off to bask in the glory of this cool fall evening and possibly throttle some kittens who have decided that my studio is exclusively their playground and who keep jumping on my desk and typing all sorts of crazy things into the computer...I swear, one distracts me while the other one tries to type his own blog post!  I see a squirt bottle in these kittens future if they don't stay off my desk!

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  1. What a refreshing song choice! How did you stumble across this amazing song??? I love the fall page and the coloring choice. Hugs, Pamikins!!!!


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