Friday, October 24, 2014

No Bambi

I'm squeezing in at the last minute for this week's DOCUMENTED LIFE (DLP) spread.  

The prompt was "Sketch What You See Right Now".  Since you're my friends, and you will in no way judge me, I will admit that I was reading about the prompt while in the bathroom (where I do all my important reading...remember, no judging...) and in my bathroom, I happen to have a cute little deer statue that looks like this (minus the bell):

This is not MY deer, although mine looks exactly like this...I meant to take a picture of mine, but forgot and now it's dark at my house and it is a dank pit of despair doesn't have the best lighting, so I found one online...

Since my eyes landed on the deer, I decided that would have to be my sketch for the week:

"I'm no Bambi"

Since my husband kept trying to call my fairy from last week "Tinkerbell", I figured I should go ahead and give him the heads up that my deer was NOT Bambi.  And then I ran off on a tangent with the thought of not being 'a Bambi'...which came in a wave all of the sudden.  I thought of naive, innocent little Bambi the cartoon...and then I thought of strippers, because Bambi seems like a total stripper name...which I always thought was kind of funny, because Bambi was a boy...he doesn't seem very boyish though and I tend to forget...  And then I remembered that when I was a kid, I had a friend named Rachel and her sister's name was Bambi.  How do parents go from naming their kid Bambi (super rare, possible stripper ) to naming the next one Rachel (every third girl in my class)?  It seems like a leap, doesn't it?  The human Bambi I knew when I was a kid was very nice though, and not a stripper at all...more like cartoon Bambi, except not a dude...

I'm lovable!

I'm pretty cool with my sketch...I like the 'extras' really well on this page... I put down torn up book pages first and then did my sketch and painted it in and then used acrylic paint for the blue wavy sky...I like the way the book pages show up between the blue...  I'm also pretty darn happy with the lettering!

I have nothing insightful to say...

For the right page, I started out with a packing tape transfer of this image:

He's not looking up her skirt...He's adoringly admiring her general awesomeness...

And then I just wanted to have a stab at making those fantastic, painty, crazy pages that I've seen other people doing quite brilliantly.  It seems like every time I try to do a page like this, I end up getting the "crazy" part right, but not so much the fantastic part...  I don't hate's just...bright...  Actually, every time I attempt these kind of pages, they end up bright ( I will remind you of the TERRIFYING CHICKEN PAGE from the Alternate Amy blog...).  There has to be a secret...I just haven't figured it out yet...

In other news, the new kittens have gotten much more adventurous in the last two days and are currently having fun knocking over everything in the studio and then either hissing at it, sitting on it, hiding under it, or shoving it around the's hilarious until I remember that I have to clean up after them, then it's only funny and I get the broom...  They're out-and-about-iness calls for a studio overhaul, so I don't lose important bits or end up having kittens in casts or something...maybe that's a good plan for Sunday...

And lastly, I think you'll be shocked (and hopefully proud) because I've walked FIVE MILES in the last two days!!!  And I'm not even whimpering in pain!  A friend of mine from work, Gayle, asked if I would want to start walking with her, so right after work is over, we meet at a trail and walk a mile and a quarter down and a mile and a quarter back to the car.  We've done it twice now, and I am both proud and shocked that I haven't had a heart attack!  The plan is to keep doing it until the time change and then it will be too dark to see anything and too cold for Gayle...hopefully by the time that happens, we'll be so used to walking together that we find an alternate indoor location for the winter (aka become old lady mall walkers...) and keep going. 

I never, NEVER get any exercise, and I hate (HATE) doing healthy things by myself, so Gayle was a lifesaver with her walking suggestion!  I already feel better today than I did yesterday, and I really want to keep that trend going!  Plus, it's always been my secret dream (don't tell anybody) to have a head-turner body...  You know I'm cute (seriously, so adorable you probably couldn't stand it... :) haha), but I want, just one time in my 30s, to be a jaw-dropping, tongue wagging babe (and then to rub it in people's faces...hehehe)!  

You've seen the healthy-Amy-in-her-early-20s pictures...but I was young and stupid and didn't appreciate it then!  

Now I'm the sad-Amy-who's-knees-hurt-from-carrying-her-fat-rolls-around-all-day-Amy...  

But I'd like to be the happy-Amy-who-feels-good-and-is-comfortable-in-her-own-skin-and-remembers-the-happiness-of-finding-clothes-that-fit-and-is-healthy-Amy...

I feel like that's a lot of pressure to put on two 2.5 mile walks, but I'm being optimistic!  It really does boil down to feeling good verses feeling puny...  I've been feeling puny for a long while, and wanting to do something about it, but I am just not a good self-motivator when it comes to moving and shaking...  After walking just once, I actually sprang out of bed this morning!  It's been SO STINKING LONG since I've woken up without throwing punches towards my husband with half closed eyes that I don't even remember the last time it happened!  So I'm really hoping that Gayle and I will help each other keep up our momentum so that we can both feel healthy again!  And I'd guess Andy is hoping we keep it up so he can quit dodging my sleepy time left hook!


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  2. Sweets, I absolutely love Not-Bambi. I really like how you let the book text show through the paint. Plus the lettering is spectacular! I really LOVE the right page. Your choice of image for the packing tape transfer is perfect. I love how colorful the background is. Did you paint it all? Or do I see bits of two different napkins that I have sent you (purple polka dots or purple/green/teal paisley)?

    I am so proud of you for walking after work. Please go up to your friend Gayle and give her a hug from your Pamikins. The walk becomes easier and easier, but you must not take a weekend break. It doesn't have to be 2-1/2 miles, but make sure to walk even on the weekends. Walk your dog. Walk to a neighbors house or a local business and then back home. Or take your camera with you, and the dog, walk to a wooded area or a pretty view area and take photos for your art journal. I am proud of you and think you are adorable. I hope when you become HOT SEXY Amy, that you don't forget about all of us who have loved you from day-1. HUGS!!! Pamikins!


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