Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stars and Mosaics And Getting Old

So, I've got two things to share today, and I must warn you...for good or bad...I am not feeling up to my usual Chatty Cathy this could be a short one!  I hardly every have those!

For DOCUMENTED LIFE, the prompt was "Stars" and here's what happened:

"I'm restless.  Things are calling me away.  My hair is being pulled by the stars again." -Anais Nin

That's right, stars were just vomited out of my hand and across the page...  I don't know what I think about them...maybe they're a happy vomit, which isn't really in my vocabulary, but it's been typed and I can't take it back now!  I actually think the best part is the gold stars in the green hair (which is super textured, because I used modeling paste for it!), and if I were someone else, I would probably just gesso out everything except for those and try to start over...but I'm me and I think this page is rework for this one...

I guess the star theme must have stuck in my head, because stars also made an appearance (albeit a much more demure one) in my Journal 52 page this week, where the actual prompt was "Mosaic Inspired" and here's what I did:

"We are mosaics-Pieces of light, love, history, stars--Glued together with magic and music and words."-Anita Krizzan

I had the idea of a stained glass mosaic for this piece, so I slapped some gold acrylic over the pencil sketch of this girl using a fine line bottle and then colored her in with Neocolor II's.  I really liked the idea of this, and the acrylic made good 'lead' for the stained glass...but I think I should have used a shinier thing to color in the make the colors more glass-like...oh well...I could always try to cut open my bottle of Gloss Medium and see if I can scrape out the last little bit of it...

I tried something new this week with my inspiration quotes...instead of writing them on the actual art, I just put them below the pictures so you could read them.  I was inspired to go sans quotes by my friend Patricia's post about words, which you can read HERE.  And while you are over there, check out THIS POST and then come back and thank me for directing you to the eye candy!

Don't tell anyone my secret, but I started watching the Gilmore Girls on's both taking me back to my younger years AND making me feel old at the same time.  I can remember watching this show when I was a teenager and totally identifying with the daughter...and now, several years later, I'm watching it and realize I'm identifying with the's been both fun (the nostalgia part of it) and mildly disturbing (the feeling of practically being on death's door...haha)...

And on that note, I'm off to go see what happens next in the Gilmore world...

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