Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Under The Sea

I'm so excited for the long weekend that I can hardly stand it!  I have an idea of how I'm hoping to spend it...a secret idea...one that I am SO ready to put into action!  I will give you one hint: it involves my art...that's all you get...  OK, two hints: you'll NEVER guess what it is...that's the second hint...  Maniacal laugh!  Maniacal laugh!

Something I am ready to share with you is my Journal 52 page for this week.  The prompt is "Under the Sea"  and you can read more about it HERE.

When I first read the prompt, I thought about doing a mermaid...but there have been several mermaids happening in my art journals recently, and so I decided to go a different route...a VERY different route:

"Bring your own light to the darkness."

I love this page.
I can't even tell you how much.
It's so far from my initial idea of a mermaid...but I love it.  LOVE IT!

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos recently, and the anglerfish and it's bioluminescence  was the topic of one of the videos I happened to watch.  And then I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw the quote "We must bring our own light to the darkness." (You can read the entire poem HERE.)  And the two things clicked together in my head and the idea for the page was born...

In looking for a decent and less scary picture to paint from (because these are some creepy looking fish in real life!), I ended up reading some interesting facts about the anglerfish.  The most interesting thing was the relationship between the male and female.

You see, the big, scary version is actually the female.  The male anglerfish is this pathetic, wimpy dude that can barely feed himself.  His life is dependent on finding a lady anglerfish.  Which is mildly ironic, because when he does find her, he latches onto her with his wimpy fish teeth...and over time, he begins to fuse with the girl fish...until the only thing left of him is his testes.  The female will have multiple males attached.  I kid you not.  (Here's the link in case you don't believe me...)  

Thank goodness that's not what happens with humans!  Could you imagine? 

"What ever happened with you and Jimmy?"
"Worked out pretty good...see these lumps on my side?  ...yeah, now I can impregnate myself whenever I want..."

And then me and my friend would high five over our victory.

The only downfall would be that there wouldn't be anyone to open up pickle jars...but then again, perhaps we would just package them in a different way and everything would be fine.  

I think the real issue is that we'd know the ending to every romance movie...they'd all just end in new lumps...


  1. *LOL*....new lumps!!! Love your page. Great looking fish! :D

    1. Thanks Trish! <3 I have to say, I think my anglerfish is much cuter and way less scary than the real deal! :)

  2. Your page is very creative, because you did great art and studied up on testicles! Your going to go far in this world, my little sweet tea!😁😊 I recently read that some species of coach roaches only have to be impregnated once to be able to lay eggs for the rest of her life! Much less impressive than carrying around extra bumps and bulges but equally curious! Go back to your research, can't wait to see where it take you! 😘

    1. Thanks my honey! I don't know what made me be on the nerdy tidbits kick, but I sure am on it! That's crazy about the roaches too! There are a whole lot of things I'm glad humans cannot do... :D I will try to keep finding things to make our wheels turn!

  3. Ahh, Sweets, you crack me up. I adore your perspective on the possible 'testes' scenario, LOL LOL
    Apart from that your angler fish is fabulous and the 'darkness' is superb. The quote is perfect for it all too of course. I'm not sure I could enjoy a video about attached testes as much as I did the Fibbonacci one, Lol :D

  4. Love everything about your page and I really love this post - hilarious! I definitely carry around extra lumps but they have nothing to do with the man in my life! ;-)

  5. What the what??? You never cease to amaze me. Your angler fish is wonderful. So lifelike and the glow is spectacular. Such an amazing match of art and quote. Love them both!!! Hugs, Pamikins

  6. You crack me up.All romances would end up with just more lumps. Lol


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