Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Mail, a Belated Link, and My Routine Two

I don't know where all my time is going these days...I think I've lost an hour or two somewhere and can't, for the life of me, figure out where...

I asked my friend Boo to be a part of the blog hop I was in, and HERE is the link to her post.  Boo's art is colorful, expressive, meaningful, and can so relate to the things she talks about on her blog.  I hope you will go check her out and tell her I sent you!

I'm still managing to get a few things done, as I have basically sworn a blood oath to myself that I will complete both JOURNAL 52 (J52) and THE DOCUMENTED LIFE PROJECT (DLP), and I am fighting tooth and nail to accomplish my goal!

For J52, the prompt was "Nature Inspired", and here's what I did:

"Fibonacci Sequence"

Now, there is a high probability that when you look at this page, you do not see it as nature inspired, aside from the little flower...  BUT, I assure you that you see examples of the Fibonacci Sequence in  nature every single day!  Seriously, it's crazy how many places it shows up.  If you want to learn more about it, here is a short little video:

And if you want to learn even more about Fibonacci and Lucas numbers and more, HERE is the link to  the video he mentions...(very interesting, at least to me, and I don't even like math or science...)  Or, just go google examples of the Fibonacci Sequence in nature...and you will see the seemingly never ending list, from flower petals to the night sky and many more!

Ok, I'm done geeking out on you...for now...

For DLP, the prompt was "use a quote from your favorite book", and here's what I did:

I actually cheated and used a quote from a book that I haven't read...but it is from a book and I REALLY like the quote...

I used Neocolor II"s for the majority of this page, as well as white acrylic paint and a brush-tip Micron.

"A story has no beginning or end, arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead."
-Graham Greene, The End of the Affair

This quote is the opening line to the book, and it made me start nerding out again...on multiple levels. It's just a good's solid...I like it.  But then I started thinking about it again in relation to the Fibonacci Sequence/mathy/nerdy things...

And what it made me think about was lines:

When you think of a line, you think of me...

But technically, you're whole life is a lie, and this is a line:

I have fancy arrows and that makes me better.

You see, the fancy arrows mean that the line goes on FOREVER!  A line has no beginning or end, it's infinite in both directions.  But, there's not enough paper to draw all we get the image in the first picture, which is actually a segment.  Segments have a beginning and an end.  And, if you want to go one step further into dorkery with me, we have rays, which have a beginning, but no end.

So, to break it down, a line is like time; it's infinite in both directions.
A segment is like our lives.  We have a 'beginning' (being born), and an end (kicking the bucket).
A ray is like a vampire, having a beginning, but no end...unless he or she gets staked, and then I suppose they'd just end up being a longer segment...

And the point to that and how it relates to the quote is: where do our stories start and where do they end?  

If someone wants to know the story of how I met my husband, I could probably start out by saying 'I was living at the beach and...'  I'd say that's a decent place to start, right?  But did the story really start there?  I mean, I was born in Ohio and my husband is originally from Minnesota, how did we both end up living at the beach?  Everything in our lives, a bunch of factors, led us to being there at the time...why shouldn't that be a part of the story?  And why stop with there?  I mean, we wouldn't have  met if we had never been born, right?  So what's the deal with that?  What about our parents?  And their parents? And their parents...going on and on and on...

And if you're going to go there, when does our story end?  Presuming we are together until one of us dies, is that the end of the story?  Or if I die, and he doesn't, does the story go on until he finally goes belly up?  Or does it go on until the people we know are all dead?  Or until anyone who's ever heard a story about us are dead?  

I don't know, it was just some random thinking my brain pieced together from the quote and watching science-y/math videos.  My brain works weirdly.  But, hey, maybe you learned the very least, you learned that you probably don't want to ask how I met my husband...unless you have a lot of free time...

At this point in the post, you are probably staring off into space just like this girl...

One totally awesome thing about my segment of time here is receiving mail art from friends.

Newspaper page in what I think is Chinese. (?) AWESOME napkins...I love the crow one SO MUCH!!!!

All of these goodies came from my friend Pamikins!

"Every moment in time is a gift and a blessing." ATC, card, and drywall tape.... I have been trying to find that particular type of drywall tape FOREVER, so I was possibly squealing with delight for five minutes straight when I saw it!

I am so excited by all the goodies, but especially this:

The GORGEOUS book that Pamikins made for me! (LOVE IT!!!)

And the inside:

Each page has pockets and it's own tag to go along with it!  I adore this book with an insane amount of adulation!

Thank you so much to my darling Pamikins for brightening up my day with the awesome care package!  

You all make this time segment worth living! <3<3<3


  1. Actually, I believe that is punchinella, also known as sequin waste. But, it is fun! And I LOVE Fibonacci numbers!! I first encountered them on "Wishbone" on PBS, I think. The phrase "1,1,2,3,5, Eureka" rings a familiar note. And then I found pinecones and shells, and realized that the pattern was all around me.
    Somehow, I think your mind must be like mine!!

    1. Trece, I am Pamikins, the one who sent the package to Sweets. It is not Puncinella, I have quite a few pieces of fun sparkly Punchinella. That is actually drywall tape, but it's the old (antique) version with a sticky layer and a wax paper layer that you peel off. I found it at Lowes and they only had one left. When I asked how much it was, they said "It's not in the system, we don't carry that anymore". To which I replied "And how much is it?" After quite a few minutes of this game, they told me I could purchase it for $1. =) Pamikins

  2. Okay it's nearly 1:00am and your blog came up, do I wait until the morning and my eyes are a bit fresher, noooo, I just start reading! You NEVER fail to make me laugh! Someday when I have more time, I may indeed ask how you and your husband met! Love your art and it's way to late to contiplate any numbers or science tonight, I'll work on it in the morrow!

  3. My Dear Sweets, it's 3:00am and you throw math at me??? I always knew there was a mathematical rule in nature, but I never knew the name. I watched the video, but I promise, I will look up more on the subject. The idea that if you connect each number in the sequence with an arch, it will create a swirl intrigues me. Damn you, now my mind is running rampant and I won't be able to sleep.

    The lettering on the book quote page is awesome! I love that quote, but I too have not read that book. The girl is ethereal and classic, but modern and trendy. Love how the numbers across her chest look like a faint tattoo. My favorite parts are the shading (under her neck and between her eye and hairline) and subtle highlights (like her chin). She is gorgeous!!!

    The mini journal is the one I posted a video of in M3. Of course, I had to Pam-ize it, with florals, tag inserts, and glimmer mist. The drywall tape (yes, I let Trece know) is the old version that has 3 layers. One to stick on your project and a "wax paper" liner to keep as a stencil. The newspaper is Mandarin. I'll fill you in on that later. I am happy that you finally got it and that it made you smile. Hugs, Pamikins

  4. WOW! Wow, to the gorgeous page layout and the lettring and super pretty lady - wow to the happy mail from Pam (must find that M3 video! - and WoWzers to the Fibonacci stuff. I love numbers! And so do most of my family, so this is all exciting for me to look at. I am going to play with a Golden Ratio colouring page on graph paper. So hope to have it to show later on :D Thanks for the edification Sweet :D xx

  5. Awesome! I'm a geek/nerd who loves that sort of thing, too! The face you painted is GORGEOUS!!! Her eyes and lips are to die for!!! Your rocked this, my dear Sweets! <3

  6. I love your girl staring into space. How do you know all this stuff. I'm very impressed.


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