Monday, August 5, 2013

Gratuitous Cat Post

I had a little something unexpected come up today, so I got home pretty late.  When I walked in the door, I realized the cat (her name is Snick) was laying on my desk AGAIN.  I had just been talking about this with a couple of different awesome internet buddies, so I grabbed my camera to document...  Snick never gets on any other surface in the house...doesn't even attempt it, but for some reason, she thinks my studio (that's right, I call it craft room NO MORE!!!  I feel so fancy when I say my studio...) belongs to her...especially the craft desk.  Sometimes she throws up on my work...I call it constructive criticism, but honestly, she's hurt my feelings with her critique...especially because of the cleaning up part...

At any rate, I thought I would give you some insight into the mind of Snick:

*Yawn*  What a good nap I had...I feel so rested and ready for anything...I think I'll plan my day.... What to do?  What to do?  La la la...

La la la la la....I'm so comfy...Human Mom Woman is so nice to make this colorful bed for me...  I really must thank her with a nice chipmunk on the doorstep....

Huh???  What was that noise???  Oh...Human Mom Woman, it's just you!  What are you doing home from work so early...........

*SIGH/EYE ROLL*  I can never get any privacy...The Human Mom Woman acts like she owns the place or something...

At this point, I like to spray her with a water bottle to get her off the desk...just a little misting, really...  When I'm done arting for the day, I don't leave anything open that she could get poisoned or injured, but I just know one day she's going to jump on the desk while I'm in the middle of something and there will be acrylic kitty paw prints all over the house...  Usually when she sees the little mister I squirt her with she jumps down (she's a slow learner...she realizes the mister means run away, but doesn't understand that I wouldn't mist her if she didn't get on my desk...maybe one day she'll get the whole picture...).  Then she goes into what I call "KITTY ATTACK MODE" and she runs off to claw my husband.  (It's HILARIOUS!)  The funny thing is she NEVER claws me...I'm starting to think it's a dominance thing.  Since I order her off the desk, I must be her overlord...she therefore has to go assert her dominance over the lesser beings in the house...meaning my husband (and, to a lesser extent, the dog...) that she can feel good about herself...  I kind of like that idea, because by proxy it means that I am at the top of the chain at my house...I am the Queen of the castle!!!  You may all kiss my signet ring... *maniacal laughter*

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into the life of my cat/the fact that I am secretly royalty... Tomorrow, your royal highness (aka me...) has to go to the dentist and have a bunch of work done, including at least one loverly extraction (so long final wisdom tooth...I'd like to say I'll miss you, but you and your siblings were a real bunch of jerks, so I'm happy to finally be rid of you all!)  I'm going to try RE-E-E-E-E-EALY HARD  to get a post in cause I haven't missed a post of the 30 in 30 yet and I really don't want to!  But we'll see where the pain meds leave me...  Therefore if tomorrow is an less-than-cohesive mess, you'll know why...


  1. Oh Snick is adorable. What a beauty. I woke up feeling stressed today (my crazy neighbour problem) but your post has made me feel much better, thank you. x

    1. She's a pretty good cat...her willingness to go into kitty attack mode and claw my husband has moved her up in the world for sure!

      Also, I am quite willing to let you borrow her so that she can use kitty attack mode on your crazy neighbor...she might be little, but she packs a punch!

      I'm happy we could cheer you up! :)

  2. Love the Snick story and how she attacks your husband after you mist her. Animals are so funny. i enjoyed your post. I see your in Elizabethton, TN. I live in Pulaski, TN. :-)

    1. The attacking my husband instead of me thing has moved her up in my estimation for sure... I think it's my favorite thing about her! :)

      I wonder how close you are to some other internet buddies? I think they live around Clarksville, but I can't remember for sure...I will have to ask! I think it is so neat that we get to meet so many people due to the art journaling and such that we never would get to meet if it weren't for that! I feel really lucky to have that connection! <3


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