Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Playing with colors and shapes

I just recently got the Dylusions spray inks.  I can't express how AWESOME they are, and I know I haven't even scratched the surface of fun things you can do with them!  I've just been spritzing all willie nillie!  They are so vibrant, the pictures don't do them justice.

The first page I did with them, it made me want to go crazy with color choices, so here's what happened:  

"What you think of yourself is much more important than what other people think of you."

She's not my best girl by far, but I had a lot of fun using the crazy colors...I will have to revisit the crazy color girl face for sure.  I think I can do it better than this one, and I am excited to try!

This is the second page I did with the Dylusions:

"I meant to behave but there were so many other options!"

I really like how this one came out!  I love that quote so much...  The colors are really cool...  I like the packing tape transfer method a lot...  My favorite thing is the doodled tree.  I love that the colors come through the packing tape and the tree shape...  I think it's so much fun!

I don't know if anybody else has seen any of Dyan Reavely's videos (she's the lady behind Dylusions), but she seems like she'd be such a blast to be around.  She's got so much personality...in a world of cheerios, she's a fruit loop...  And I love her for it!


  1. awesome, SweetRed! ...how do you do the 'packing tape transfer'? Do you have a good link (so you don't have to write so much ;))?

    1. Thanks! Here's a link to a how-to: http://mollylikestodraw.blogspot.com/2009/02/packing-tape-transfer.html

      Just make sure you've got a toner-based image (like from a copy machine) because inkjet won't work (all the ink smears off...I tried...) Another cool thing is you can use clear contact paper if your image is too big to fit in one packing tape space and you don't want to try to line it up...although I bet you could do neat things by separating a big image on different pieces of tape and leaving space in between...ooh, I might have to try that next!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! I love words even more than girl faces...and you know how I feel about girl faces! I have a whole humongous Pinterest board for quotes: http://pinterest.com/SweetRedClover/just-words/

      It's the only one that has more pins than my art and word journal board...words are my first and lasting love!

  3. Great pages! I've been wanting to try packing tape transfer for a while. I have some clear contact, now to dig out an old magazine for an image... :)

    1. It's so fun and very easy to do! I love how the background colors come through the image; I think that's so neat!


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