Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mindy Inspired and Frida for Mo

I thought you might like to see a process post today...it's kinda been a while since I've done one.

This spread is for my Documented Life journal for the Art Challenge "When Not To Stop" and the prompt "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough! (Ooh)" and is the first in the February (yep, that far behind!) theme of "Layers You Will Love"

I have to admit that layering does not come very naturally to me...it tends to require drying time...and that, in turn, requires patience...which is not my forte...  

I think that's why I always turn to a MINDY LACEFIELD inspired girl when I am prompted to do layers.   She talks about how her art is inspired by child-like freedom...doing what feels right, even though it may be technically 'wrong' artistically...like not waiting for that first layer to dry before you add more...that's right up my alley!  And here's what happened:

I started out with Aquamarkers on an un-gessoed page...added a crap ton of water to try to get them to blend...which didn't really happen, as you can see...FINE THEN, BE THAT WAY!
Instead of waiting for it to dry, I started spreading on some acrylic paint with a pallet knife over the sopping wet Aquamarker.
It looked a little flat, so I decided to add more paint, still with the pallet knife, but this time with the sharp edge instead of the broad, spreading way I had done previously...much better now, I think...more interesting to look at...more energetic...
Next, I challenged myself to paint the girl solely with my fingers.  I started out with the basic shape of the girl in a neutral color.
I started defining areas of her face and body with a few more layers of paint... 
I kept having issues with her nose shape and there are several boring pictures I left out that were just me getting aggravated at noses in general....
I finally picked one and went with it...more colors, shading and highlights at this point...
I evened her out and gave her some pearls...blue pearls because she has that slightly sad introspective annoyed look on her face...
"I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate - it's apathy.  It's not giving a damn."
-Lou Buscaglia

Sometimes I have a quote in mind before I start.  Other times, like for this spread, one will present itself after the fact...the art will tell me what it is my heart's brain was trying to say and I can find the just-right quote pretty easily. 

I hope you liked the step-by-step today...my mom says this girl is kinda scary looking, but she does have some harsh things to say, so she couldn't be all cutesy-froo-froo...she's lived a hard life this gal...she's jaded and bitter...  But admitting there's a problem is the first step towards solving it, and this little lady knows something's not quite right...

And now, for my sweet friend Twinkletoes, here's a couple pictures of Frida:

I caught her on my bed...she's never been on it before, and she doesn't know if she's allowed...she is literally not moving anything except her eyes (waiting to see if I'm going to fuss at her!)...for so long I decided to grab my camera and snap a picture...
Once I snapped the first pic, I started laughing at just how long she had stayed so still...and that's when I got this picture...it's the "Yay! She laughed, I'm not in trouble!" picture....
I just had her to the vet the other weekend, and she'd gained 12 pounds in a month!  She was a fluffy 41 pounds (at 4 months old).  She's such a gentle giant though...her brother, which is my sister's dog, is 54 pounds at the same age...and a maniac in my opinion...
I'll have to try to get some pics from where I take Frida walking at, Steele Creek Park...it's really pretty and serene and there's a lake and all...it's awesome!

And, on that note, I'm off to get ready for work...in a super speedy way because I've only got about 10 minutes before I have to go...five minute shower for me today!  But I got the important things done, and that's what counts, right? :)


  1. Firstly - I just have to say - really - yeah I do - I can't believe you picked her nose! Gross Sweet!
    LMAO - so sorry, I couldn't resist - it must have been your letting the child go in your painting that brought out the infantile grossnessness in me, hehehe
    Ok, done.
    Now I thank you for the step out photo's as layering is difficult for me too, but not for lack of patience in the drying time, but because I wonder, why. Why slap paint on, or papers or whatever, just to cover it all up? Isn't that a waste of paint, papers, ephemera, time. But that's just me. I love what you did and may have a go this way.
    Ahhh, Frida, she is so cute laying there wondering if she's in deep do-do and then. baM! Mama smiles and all is well, haha, what a sweetie. Thanks for the pics Sweet :D
    I love your quilt btw.
    Hope work was a good day.
    TTFN {{Hugs}} x

  2. What a delight to see your spread and the process. And Frida is adorable - what a big love sponge I bet she is. That wait-and-see photo of her totally cracks me up - as if you could be mad at such a cutie pie.

    I hope your 10 minutes to get ready left you feeling energized. There's something so satisfying about spending time on stuff you enjoy it builds a sense of joy momentum you can carry forward.


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