Friday, August 15, 2014


The prompt for this week's JOURNAL 52 was "Favorite Foods"...and liberties were taken with this one...LIBERTIES!!!

Here's what I did:

"Whatever you cook"
"Boy! What a swell dish"

I blatantly copied this week's page from an image I saw on Pinterest...I've had this gal pinned forever!  ...I'm so happy I finally got to use her!!!

I couldn't find anything about the original artist, so I can't give credit where it's due...if you know who it is, please let me know!  I really adore her so much:

The original...wish I could find the original artist's name/info to share!

The only thing I added to it was "Whatever you cook", and that's what I'm going with as my favorite food at the moment.  I work til late in the evening, so when I get home, I'm strongly opposed to I don't.  There's just me and my husband, and he's fully capable of feeding himself, so I just plop down in my studio and occasionally eat slices of American cheese if I get too hungry.  ...I recognize that this is solid laziness, but I'm comfortable with that...

The silly part about it is that I actually like to cook...or at least I used to.  But I got out of the habit of it (and have no desire to get back into it) so I don't cook anymore.  I also only wash my laundry...and I don't vacuum ever.  I'm basically just here to look good...

I wish you could have heard my husband's reaction to this page...which was something like "Is she only wearing an apron?!?  ...That can't be sanitary."  I think the full effect of the pin-up girl is lost on him...


  1. Wow, he's one if a kind! Lol I love the picture, too! I hate cooking to, soul sisters! Ha ha

  2. I love to cook. It is a creative and sensual process! But in my house there is only SLOW food. Love to experiment with all kinds of herbs and spices. All those colours and smells! Hmmmmm! As I am not on the healthy side I must watch out for chemicals and fast food is packed with all kinds of stuff. As a kid I lived with my grandmother and she was a brilliant cook. My hubby is very happy that I was brought up by her ;-) And when I don´t want to cook, he does the cooking... Oh, maybe I must explain - we call FAST FOOD any finished meal, you just have to heat, or pre fabricated food, that comes out of a bag, jar or tin.

  3. Love your page! Totes adorbs!!


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