Monday, August 4, 2014

A Pirate's Life For Me?

For the first time in a long time,  I made a spread that has very little meaning to me!  

Most of my art comes from somewhere inside and I end to splatter my emotions on the page...but not so this week for my Documented Life spread!

The prompt was to use a fortune cookie fortune and I ended up having only one on hand!  

Here's my spread:

Acrylic and a tad of a black micron...

The fortune kind of backed me into a corner...or so I thought while doing the spread...

"A pirate's life for me?

That has to be the tiniest pirate ship ever!  'Tis a dainty wee boat, matey!

"Boats and water are in your future.  Have fun!"
Her hair and eye are both done with metallic paints, so I enjoy the little bit of shiny in my journal.

The really crazy thing about it is that water really is in my future!  

In September my mom and me are headed to the beach for a little getaway.  But for some reason,  that didn't come to mind when I found the fortune, so I ended up with the pirate girl instead...  I can't believe the beach trip didn't immediately pop into my head when I saw my fortune...I've been thinking about this as my "happy place" that I go to when I am half a second away from stabbing someone with a paperclip! you know I am thinking about it a lot!

But no.  The pirate girl came out instead.  That's ok.  I like her pretty well, and I don't think I have a pirate anywhere else in any of my she'll do!

The most surprising thing to me is that I could not get this girl to circle around to a mental or emotional connection.  No specific interest in pirates, no song, no quote, no thought behind it...even the visual of the page itself doesn't produce any real reaction for me...  That hasn't happened for a such a long time...I don't know if that's ever happened!  (I'm really good at making everything about me apparently! Hehehe...)

I even tried to reason out some sort of subconscious reason I picked the pirate...traveling, freedom from convention/being a rebel, being a bit mischievous...but nope...NOTHING!  She's just a pirate and I have no feelings for her one way or the other...which, as you know if you keep up with my blog, is pure insanity for me...

Maybe that's a good thing, my meaningless pirate gal...maybe it means I had, for at least one day, a taste of 'normal'...where nothing was over thought, over analyzed, or overtly consuming...  It's an odd feeling, let me tell you!

Do you tend to have mental/emotional connections to your art like me?  Or do you make your amazing art in order to bring more beauty into the world, without having to have a reason for what you're creating?


  1. I love your pirate girl and her wee little vessel! Make sure you don a headscarf and patch when you go to the beach in September! And take a few selfies!;) which beach are you going to? Do you have family there? Boy I'm noisy and you don't need to answer my questions. 😊

    1. Thanks Jackie! I am now on a mission to find an eye patch just for those selfies! We're going to Pawley's Island, South Carolina. It's about a 20 minute drive south of Myrtle Beach...and it's great...way less tourists, way less tourist's the beach you go to if you're just there for the sand and the ocean! We used to live there before I got married, but nobody lives there Mom is hoping to move back in the spring though...which would be nice, because I like visiting the beach (but I don't want to live there...WAY too hot for my liking!)

  2. Sweet, your lady pirate is so fun. I really like her. I also like the idea of a wee little boat.

    1. Thanks Boo! I think she must be a one-woman crew! If she had a bigger boat, she'd need some help, but she's an independent pirate! :)

  3. Sweets, I love it!!! Hugs, Pamikins

  4. Excellent Sweet!! :D
    Why are pirates called pirates?
    lmao - I love that joke! :D x


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