Monday, April 14, 2014

The Things That Come Out of My Head...

The prompt for this week's Journal 52 page was "Party Animals".  You can read more about it HERE, but basically the prompt was to draw your favorite animal, or make up your own creature.

Seeing the awesome things that other people have done with human animal hybrid type things, I thought I would make something really cute...unfortunately, instead of cute, I accidentally painted this creepy, soul-stealing...I don't know what:

All I want to do is party and steal souls...and you're kind of acting like that makes me a terrible person...

It kind of worries me that this is what comes out of my head when I'm left to my own devises...

I don't hate her...despite her general creepiness...I just feel as though there needs to be another page done with a less creepy feel... I know that this same idea can be translated much less scarily, and I will be attempting that at some point.  On the positive side, I really like the bright colors that come I chose and the black background, which makes those colors even brighter...but also possibly adds to the creepy vibe.  I don't know, at the very least, she's original, right?

Also happening in my studio today, ironically enough, was today's Alternate Amy art:

"She was a little surprised."
I guess she saw the deer girl...

You can read the diary entry for today HERE, or just sit back and let this surprised girl take your mind off the creepy deer girl above.  

I was laughing at myself a little bit about the tag that has the stamped phrase on it.  I meant to do a rainbow know, ROY G BIV...Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet...instead what I ended up with was red, orange, green, purple, blue, and yellow...which my fellow fat kids will know as the colors in Post Fruity Pebbles (and if you're really good, you totally sang the colors out loud to the Fruity Pebbles theme song music...)  Curse my easily distracted brain! Hehehe...

 I am so very happy with this drawing.  I feel like I am progressing more and more with my artistic skills...although I have to admit that the deer girl is a bit of a my defense, she was much less creepy as a drawing...she didn't get that scary till I painted her.  But I wanted to draw a shocked/surprised face for today's Alt Amy spread, and I think that's definitely what the red headed girl portrays.  So yay!!!

Sometimes I wonder if I sound too...snooty woo woo look at me...when I say positive things about my work.  I don't mean it that way.  It's just that I've worked REALLY hard to get to the point I'm at, and it makes me so excited to see the effort paying off!  I don't have a whole lot of things going on in my life to be super proud about...the art stuff is really all I've got!  OK, art and double entendre/sexual innuendo...but my mom reads this blog, so I can't go there...hehehe...just kidding, Mom...  (She's totally going to fuss at me for saying that!)

Seriously, it is nice to be able to see progress...and to have something turn out on the page like I saw it in my head...that feels like a big accomplishment to me.   When I get done with one thing, I immediately start something new...I get super excited...I can't wait to see what the next thing I make will be like!  I wonder if that excitement will ever wear thin...but then I think, no, it can't, because there's always something new to try...always a different page to make...always another supply I've not used for a long time.  So hopefully, the happy feeling I get from arting it up will always stay with me...

I hope you too are always excited to make your own art...and almost as excited to come see what I make too!


  1. Your creepy cute deer girl is awesome those lips are so ------cute! And you girl for the Amy blog fabby! I'm off to read your adventure, there!

  2. How could a deer be creepy? I think she is cute, but she got lost in the wrong world.
    Love your blog! Awesome artwork!

  3. You know what I think it is? the all black eyes! Maybe if you gave her some coloured iris and then just black pupils it would eliminate the soul-sucking vibe?? just a thought, I like her the way she is, nothing wrong with a little creep now and again! You definitely hit the mark with your expression on your second piece, awesome! Enjoyed reading your blog!

  4. Sweets, your animal didn't look creepy until you that she was trying to steal souls. I thought she was ET with antlers.

  5. I am laughing so hard at your story above. Both images are well done but the story is what makes it all work creepy soul stealer and all. I like them and wouldn't change anything. If you wanted to add something maybe do the creepy soul stealer again and put an angel on one shoulder and a devil of the other, Steal a soul or have fun partying, lol.

  6. You definitely do know how to turn a phrase Sweets ;)) This post made me laugh out loud! I have to agree with Laurie above about there being nothing wrong with a little creep now and again lol, and I'm also going to say that I think your little deer-creature is perfect just as she is. You absolutely nailed the surprise face too, it is an excellent drawing Amy, truly. I love that I get to come here and read your happy silliness, because then it makes me feel happy and silly and inspires ME to create art that speaks to me the same way. I say, give yourself a huge (GIANT) pat on the back for creating the art that's in your head and heart - that's no small task - and congratulations for reaching the milestone of being able to portray the perfect emotion to convey your meaning with just your artwork <3 It IS a reason to be proud, and there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of that feeling for yourself - toot away! xx


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