Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fun with Sweets and Jane

I worked the dreaded Saturday this week.  Overtime is always a mixed bag for me, because I'm never sure which I would rather have, more money or more time.  Usually time wins, but this week the choice was made for me and I ended up working...I got off easy though, because I didn't have to work today like a lot of the other people I work with.  I missed out on getting paid double time, but, as I always say, money does me no good when I am in the mental institution from having a nervous breakdown.  I need to be away from work and work people so that I can be pleasant and sane during normal working hours.  If I don't have that break, I very quickly descend into madness and could very easily end up stabbing a co-worker in the neck with a pencil or throwing a stapler at someone's face...and that's just not very nice at all, now is it?
I have been doing my Morning Pages still!  Every single day, although I confess not always in the morning...but every single day of 2014 so far!  That's right, five whole days!  (ha ha) It might not seem like much, but I have stuck with it to this point and hooray for that!  Lisa Sonora Beam's Root challenge (which you can read about HERE and see if you'd like to's free to do) has been giving me some prompts that are helping me along.  Despite the fact that I've looked at some of them first thing in the morning and thought they were too woo-woo hippy dippy for me, I find that I keep coming back to them and having something to write about concerning them when I do my pages.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  I'm becoming very good at hippy dippy as it applies to me! :) 
I think I might have mentioned that I am taking Jane Davenport's  (JD for short) Supplies Me workshop...if not...  Guess what?!? 
You can find all of JD's workshops HERE
I am having so much fun.  Faces are my favorite thing to draw.  Not too much time goes by without one creeping into my work...probably not even a single day...  From the very beginning of my artistic endeavors, I've just loved them.  And JD has such great faces and ways of teaching that it isn't hard to spend all of my free time practicing.  ...even things that I've resisted (I'm looking at you ball-on-a-board shading practice...which is coming up in one of the lessons as homework...ugh...), I find myself willing to do for JD's classes.
I'm on Week 2 of the Supplies Me class (although I have been scandalously watching videos ahead...I'm such a rebel!), and it deals with colored pencils.
After I watched JD's Whimsical Faces video from Cloth Paper Scissors, I have given myself over to drawing with colored pencils instead of graphite has been one of the best things I've done to improve my drawings, I swear it!  I've just been using my Crayola set, and they work just fine for the beginnings of I was practicing blending with my Prismacolors and let me just say...I need to get more colors of the Prismacolors...possibly all the Prismacolors in the world.  I got the basic set a long time ago (I think 10 or 12 colors) and a few flesh tones along the way, but haven't really used them much because I wasn't a fan of shading with colored pencil...until now!  These things are like magic wands of awesomeness encased in wood.  I don't have the piece I was working on today ready to show you just yet (probably tomorrow or the next day), but I do have my other homework type drawings, which are face practice (and done in Prismacolors):
The Oval Face
The Circle Face (Left braid, you turned out so well...I don't know what happened with you, poor right braid...)
The Squared Face
I am eventually going to put my shading skills that I am learning to good use and color these girls in, but for now they are just basic outlines in waiting.
I did do another face, using the Crayola colored pencils and, to a lesser extent, Inktense pencils, Distress Markers, and Sharpie Paint Pens:
I used a Painters (that's the brand) paint marker to try to 'white' out the face's guidelines, and it worked really well but in the photo it sticks out like a sore thumb.  In person, you can't see those lines at all (or hardly at all)...and from across the room, this girl just GLOWS...I tell you it's almost eerie! 
Possibly my favorite bit of face practice is this page:
Squeal of Delight!  Squeal of Delight!
 I loved doing this!  I stole the idea right from JD (not really stole, she suggested it as practice), and I had FUN with a capital F-U-N finding out what kind of girl was living in each circle of paint!  The only thing I did differently than JD was I used a black pen ( a Micron on some and a regular old ball point pen on others) to make the facial features instead of using colored pencils.  The reason I did this is that I used Martha Stewart Pearl paints on some of the circles and that paint is glossy and colored pencil won't stick to it.  That happened to be the first spot of paint I tried to draw then I forgot to switch over to colored pencil and all my girls ended up being done in black pen.  It was a HAPPY accident though, because I LOVE how the page looks!  Part of me wants to take a dot stencil and fill in some of the white space with tiny non-face dots of paint...and part of me wants to leave it as white space...what do you think would be better?
My two favorite faces ended up being right next to each other.  The one at the top left in the periwinkle-ish color (incidentally the first girl I did...can you tell it's glossy paint?) who's got the turned face and the bun is my favorite, and the girl below her in the light blue is a very, very close second.  They're such different styles of face, but I LOVE them both... HUZZAH!
  I've got another page of paint circles opposite this page, but I had to stop drawing these little faces as my hand was I'm not sure if I want to draw more faces on those blank circles or if I want to turn them into journaling space...hmm...decisions, decisions...
Oh, I did manage to make one face in colored pencil, the girl at the bottom left in this picture...she's all pencil and I love her fantastic lips.

I'm in the process of finishing up this week's challenge for the Documented Life project, and that's what I'm using my Prismacolor shading page on...ooh, I'm so exited for you to see it!  So, if I want to get done and ready to show you tomorrow, I better go finish it up right now! 
By the way, what have you been working on over the weekend?  Are you keeping up with your new year challenges? 


  1. Love love love all the faces!!!! I did my 1000 Face project back in 2007 and it took me three years instead of one, but then I just kept going and haven't stopped... talking with someone the other day and I told them I'm on the second 1000 now :) I love Jane's workshops now, too -- you totally turned me onto the Whimsical Faces one and I love it. SuziBlu's book has some great tips for blending with the Prisma pencils, too. So glad you are having fun -- and that we are all getting the benefit of seeeeeeeeing it! Sending big love and vibes for you to keep on goin' with it so we get to keep seeing all that is falling from your finger tips <3

    1. Thanks Kara! 1000 Faces! That's a huge accomplishment...good grief, I can't believe you got it done in three years...that's CRAZY! I don't know how many faces I've done so far...but now I'll have to count for sure! I'm going to guess a couple hundred, but who knows? I do love faces, they are my favorite thing! :)

      I'm so glad you like Whimsical Faces! You totally got me hooked on the Root challenge, and I owe you big time for it! I'm writing three pages a day with the help of the prompts!

      I need to pull out Suzi Blu's book and look at it again. I always end up pulling it out and looking at the pictures...and then put it away again! (What a weirdo I am!) But after you mentioned it, I do remember it having Prisma info too... I'm going to dig that out and put it on the top of the book pile!

      I really need to make your last sentence into a journal page by the way! :) Thanks so much!!! Smooches and squishes! <3

  2. Love the coloue blob faces. Definitely leave it as white space. This reminded me of the little creatures I did (if you saw them). Putting colour down first is such a fun way of getting started and helping characters to emerge. I'm about to go and stay in a wood for a week so I think I'll follow your lead and do some colour blob leaves or trees or something. I should be packing right now. Btw, I've read your comments but didn't get time to reply yet so while I'm here, I made my banner with PicMonkey. It was really easy. I wasted about 2 hours beforehand trying to make one in Picasa which I then couldn't get to fit. I used the 'Ducks in a Row' style on PicMonkey. It is free. x

    1. Thanks! I am going to look for your creatures...I don't think I saw them yet...

      It WAS really fun to blob down some paint and see what happened! I think that's neat idea you had to do leaves or trees...something other than faces...(you know me, I'm a sucker for faces... :) )

      I will have to try out the PicMonkey banner thing...I've used PicMonkey before for doing photo collages, but it never occurred to me to try to make a banner! Ooh, you've given me a project my friend! :)

      I hope you have fun staying in the woods! Roast some marshmallows for me!!! <3


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