Monday, January 21, 2013


Hi!  I'm Amy, and I'm a crafter...

I do many things, but most recently, have been trying art journaling a bit.  I just wanted a place to share some things, so please feel free to comment and give advice, opinions, or ideas!


  1. Is that first quote from the movie Dracula?

    1. It is from Dracula! I can not tell a lie, I saw it on Pinterest (the quote) and then tried to source it...
      The same thing (Pinterest, my addiction, I mean) happened for 'thick girls are made for cuddling'. 'For the girl with the wild hair and the thirsty heart' also came from something I saw on pinterest, but it said messy hair instead of wild hair...I used it as the front page of my art journal that I made...and my hair isn't messy (I DO brush it), it's wild (it just has a mind of it's own! hehe).
      The 'eyes that shine quote is from a song by the Avett Brothers, 'I say to her...what do I say to her' is from a song by Fiona Apple. I should put where I find these things at from now on! Thanks for checking out my blog! When I upload the picture of the one you inspired (aka, I borrowed A LOT of your awesomeness because it is SO AWESOME)I will send you a link to that, if you would like! Thanks again for visiting my blog!


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