Monday, January 21, 2013

In the art journal...

Ah, quotes, how I love thee...

Here's a girl I did in my art journal:
The quote says "I find it shelter to speak to you." -Emily Dickinson

At first was going to have rain coming down in the blue (outside the umbrella), but I thought 'wouldn't it be nicer to be showered with love instead', so I did the hearts coming down inside the umbrella.  I really like the result!  

I am liking this whole art journal thing so much.  I may not be very good at it (yet), but I love it anyway!  Besides, how do you get better but by practicing?  And I have been a busy bee, so hopefully, that will show soon enough!  Another good thing, is that it lets me try new techniques or ideas (like the love shower)...then when I am better, I can redo the idea or fix it a little till it really shines!  I probably wouldn't remember these ideas/techniques if I didn't put them down on paper now.  

As always, I welcome questions, comments, ideas, and critique!

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