Thursday, June 8, 2017

Willy...or Wilma?

Today I've got a wonky woman Wonka for ya!

She is, of course, based off of classic Gene Wilder Wonka, and not the monstrosity that was the Johnny Depp version. 

I actually like Johnny Depp most of the time, but his version of Wonka was like a personal affront to society...I demand a written apology.  Shame on you, Johnny...shame...

My favorite part of my drawing is the hair...curly hair is...evasive(?) for me, and I think this drawing gives the essence of curly...and that's really all I can hope for at this point.  So...yay!

I liked the process of using an already known character and making it my own way...I know a lot of people are doing this with various cartoons (notably the 10 million different versions of Disney princesses), and I think its a fun exercise.

I use reference photos a lot when I draw, but usually not "known" people or characters.  I think using something someone else has done and saying "how would I have done this thing?" is an interesting way to stretch your creative muscles without the pressure of having to come up with the entire concept on your own...and I think its ok as long as you acknowledge that you didn't create the concept, only the interpretation...

Who knows, maybe I'll try my hand at some more character 'stealing' in the future...and if you try your hand, I'd love to see it, so leave me a comment and tell me where to go!  (To see your art, not the other option!)

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