Thursday, May 14, 2015

Inspired By Watermelon and Not Cleaning

Today I've got weeks 12-14 of JOURNAL 52 to share with you.

Week 12's prompt was INSPIRATION BOARD and here's what I made:

Having a space of my own has been on my mind A LOT lately...I'll explain more in an upcoming post...but I used my inspiration board spread to remind me how I would want my own space to feel: vintage, but colorful and fun.  I started out with the painting on the left page, which was cut from a catalog (I LOVE that painting!), and the image of the lady with her eyes closed (also on the left page)...I've used her more than once, and I think she's so adorable!

Then there's week 13's prompt, which was SPRING CLEAN:

This was not the most thrilling of prompts for me, due to a natural aversion to cleaning...but I like how that broom ended up turning out!
"Sometimes you just have to sweep the whole darn mess under the rug!"
Lately, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by various sundry thoughts...a whole lot of thinking, planning, and dreaming of what the future might hold, what might happen, and how to deal with it if it was getting to be too much!  This spread is to remind me that I don't have to figure everything out all at once.  If I need to, I can "sweep it under the rug" for a will still be there, to deal with in the future, but not so in-my-face.  It's giving myself permission to say 'I will cross that bridge when I get there'.

And finally, for week 14's prompt, SWEET TREATS, I made this spread:

I have been luckily enthralled with fruit two times this week...fruits that actually taste like what they're supposed to taste like!  The first was a watermelon that was gloriously juicy and delicious and so documented.  And the second was a strawberry that was so good I could have cried from one of the plants we planted in mom's back yard.  Seriously, it was the best strawberry I've had in MANY, MANY years!  I'm waiting for the others to get ripe so I can go steal them off the vines... :)

I've got some more stuff ready to share with you, just need to take the pictures, but it should be coming soon!  Until then, I'll be in the strawberry patch waiting to swipe the next ripe berries...

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  1. The idea of a vintage nest is so very appealing. Your mood spread is awesome and I agree with you about the painting, it's gorgeous! I look forward to reading more about it.
    Your Spring cleaning page is excellent and your thoughts about sweeping things under the rug for a time is inspired, and inspiring.
    Now, your watermelon page, mmm,mm! *Drooling* here! I love the stuff, but even more, I love the home grown strawbs! Wee Man and I have a huuge bed of plants and rarely do any make it into a dish. Plant to mouth. Plant to mouth, lol. And no dish washing to do is a bonus.
    Have a smashing weekend {{Hugs}}


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