Monday, February 10, 2014

Draw One.Repeat.Add Color.

I am on it this week for Documented  Life!  (You can read more about DL HERE.)

The prompt for this week is "Draw one shape-repeat-add color."  And here's what I did:

This page has some SHINE, let me tell you!

The first thing I thought of was doing the interlaced paper strips...I know it's not technically drawing a shape, but as soon as I read 'one shape', I immediately thought of different color rectangle strips woven on the page.  Egads, that made me so happy!  I painted the strips with different colors of Martha Stewart Pearl Paint, and I knew that if I stuck the strips on black paper it would just make them POP!  And they's glorious!

"I ran where they told me not to run, but I sure had fun."
-The words are from a song called"A Mistake" by Fiona Apple

I had all these bits of left over black paper when I cut out around the woven paper thingie, so I used them to see if my Silks acrylic glazes would show up on the black (that's what the circle shapes...and one lonely heart...are drawn in)...they do show up (clearly)...some better than others.  Then I used Heidi Swapp Color Shine spray on some other pieces just to see if it would's kind of like what happens with Perfect Pearls if you've ever used those...turn it the right way, and there is MASSIVE shine!

I am pretty happy with what I did with the lettering...I was just messing around with some pens I got at the dollar store, but it looked plain with just the bright colors, so I added the black and I like how it looks...  I will have to remember this technique for future use...and take a little more time with it (I see some accidentally squiggly lines that are driving me crazy...)

I really like how this looks!!!  *sound of a million angels singing*  I know it's so simple and could possibly be viewed as another 'middle school art project' (or MSAP...thanks Pamikins for pointing out the abbreviation...abbreviations make me happy!) but I don't care, I just love how this looks!

I did the background of the pages using Neocolor II's on top of a gesso wash...the colors make me squeal with delight!  One day I will own all the colors of the Neocolor II's and rub them lovingly all over my body...that might be too much information...awkward...

I'm super excited because Jane Davenport's Express Yourself workshop has last!  I've been waiting so impatiently, and I'm so ridiculously excited about it that I can barely stand it!  I can't wait to dig in and get down to brass tacks...and then of course to show you all the arty goodness that will no doubt occur!

Now I'm off to work on my Journal 52 page for this week (I'm making myself do it before I start on the workshop...I will not shirk my art journal commitments.  *keeps repeating that last part to self*)...and maybe eat supper...but who needs food when there's arting to be done?


  1. Paper strip weaving makes me incredibly happy! Yours is stunning! I love the pearly colors. Squeeeee

    1. Thanks Raine! It made me happy to weave those little papers together! I will have to try the washi tape idea we talked about on has me intrigued...and worried that I'll end up tape covered! <3

  2. You are such a happy scrappy art journaling artist, and it rubs off and makes me happy too! Love your fun blogs!

    1. Thanks, my Honey! I could literally (and have on a few occasions) talk about and make art from morning till night and never do anything else and I'd be perfectly content! I'm happy that my happy makes you happy too! <3<3<3

  3. Sweets, I adore you. Nuff said!! Hugs, Pamikins
    Btw, thanks for the shout out!!!!


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