Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In the works...

Despite the continuation of ridiculous overtime at work, I've been staying creative in small bursts.

I mentioned in the last post that I had a plan regarding my awesome typewriter, and I've started working on making that plan happen.  The typewriter plan just happens to coincide with my goal of less pessimism that I also mentioned in the last post.  It also helps me with my efforts to do something artistic as often as I can.  

So, here's the beginning of what I hope will be a series which I think I will call Happy Thoughts.  

"Something wonderful is about to happen."
"I'm not wearing any pants."
 (This one may seem a little weird...but what's more comfortable than being pants-less?  Seriously...)
"Creativity takes courage. (-Matisse)"
"All the answers to the mysteries of the universe are held within your heart."

As you can see, my Happy Thoughts are all simple and small (post card-ish size).  They can be done pretty quickly, they use my typewriter (in all it's vintage glory) and they encase my efforts at positive thinking. Originally I had intended for them all to have white backgrounds, but I messed up the first attempt at the card with the green guy on it and so I painted over it and started again.  I didn't want to waste the watercolor paper!  I am cheap thrifty!  So, if you see any colored backgrounds in the'll probably know what happened...  I am so excited about the Happy Thoughts!  

I've also been working on a little crochet.  Crochet was the first creative thing I really got into, and I still enjoy doing it...when I get the notion.  It's something that I can do pretty quickly (and still have decent results), so it fits into the plan of doing something creative everyday. 

I've been working on this for a while now.  I put it down for a long time and I just picked it back up again the other day after work.  I have a hard time with big projects (they just get boring to me after a while...I am much more a hat/scarf/toy crocheter), but I was asked to make this by a good friend, so I started.  I may even finish it...eventually...  

Since this blanket is getting ever larger as I continue to add to it, I was thinking about doing something intermission-ish so that I could have a finished something each time I picked up my hook: 

Granny Triangle using Lucy at Attic 24's pattern (which you can find HERE)
Since making this lone triangle, I realized it might not be the best idea to start making these triangles in the same colors as the blanket because then I'd almost assuredly run out of the colors to finish the blanket and I'd have to buy more yarn to finish the blanket.  Which doesn't seem like it should be a problem, until you consider the fact that I've got about three or four big Rubbermaid totes full of other yarn...  So (at least for mind is subject to sporadic changes) this shall remain the lone triangle in these colors until the blanket is done.

I'm off now, to spend more time with my Happy Thoughts.  If you would like to share your Happy Thoughts, please do so!  I would like to hear them! <3


  1. I love, love, love your Happy Thoughts.

    1. Thanks Boo! <3 I know Pantsless man will be happy with you!

  2. I am a huge fan of happy thoughts. :)

    1. Thanks Effy!!! I'm learning...slowly learning...I may turn into a nose-breather yet... :D

  3. Sweets, I am so happy that you have creative bursts. These postcards are awesome. Not sure why, but I see Wilma Flintstone in the "Mysteries of the Universe" card. They all made me smile, but my favorite is the "I'm not wearing any pants". Only a warped mind... LOL

    The crochet is beautiful, looks like a bowl of rainbow sherbet. Hugs, my dear, from Pamikins!!!

    1. Thanks my Pamikins! I see Wilma too! I sent Boo the pantsless man...I will have to think of a good one for you!

      I'm so silly...let's do crochet in the ten thousand degrees that is known as July...what is wrong with me?!? (Warped brain, like you said, I think!) Oh, least I'm interesting... :D


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